Germany | 2021 | 98 min | Stefan Ruzowitsky

April 14 - 24, 2022

In a crumbling, decadent post-WWI Vienna, a police inspector and a forensic scientist team up to solve a series of killings of POWs in this expressionist crime thriller, filmed entirely on blue-screen.

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*Restricted to audiences in WA State.

“Dazzling digital visuals are a key selling point for this stylish retro-noir serial killer thriller.” – Stephen Dalton (The Film Verdict)

Trapped in a Russian prisoner-of-war camp for two years during World War I, Peter Perg (Murathan Muslu) and his squad return home to a Vienna that they struggle to recognize. Unemployment lines, newfound freedoms, and social movements ranging from communism to Nazism swirl into the gloomily surreal landscape. Filmed entirely on blue-screen, crooked buildings and slanted rooms create a German Expressionist city that disorients and complements Perg’s detachment from his home. As the former soldier fails to acclimate, a serial killer begins to pick off his squadmates in increasingly brutal executions. When Perg’s name is found on one of the victims, he is dragged into a case that draws him into darker and darker parts of the city, with former colleagues in the police and the forensic scientist Theresa Korner (Liv Lisa Fries) on his heels. Ruzowitzky crafts a dark tale, moody, thrilling, and harrowing, that questions what happens when men come home from war.

— Janae Brooks

  • Director: Stefan Ruzowitsky
  • Principal Cast: Murathan Muslu, Max van der Goreben
  • Premiere Status: Seattle
  • Country: Germany, Austria, Luxembourg
  • Year: 2021
  • Running Time: 98 min
  • Producer: Oliver Neumann, Sabine Moser, Bady Minck, Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu
  • Screenplay: Robert Buchschwenter, Hanno Pinter, Stefan Ruzowitzky
  • Cinematographers: Benedict Neuenfels
  • Editors: Oliver Neumann
  • Music: Kyan Bayani
  • Filmography: Narcissus and Goldmund (2020), Cold Hell (2017), Deadfall (2012), The Counterfeiters (2007)
  • Language: German
  • Has Subtitles: Yes
  • Format: DCP
  • US Distributor: Film Movement
  • International Sales: Beta Cinema