International Relations

International Relations

2022 | 87 min | Various

April 14 - 24, 2022

The challenges of lives around the world are illuminated with these captivating accounts of intimacy, infatuation, and our enduring desire to interconnect.

Sponsored by Chris Newell


  • Director: Various
  • Year: 2022
  • Running Time: 87 min
  • Format: DCP

Packaged Films


South Korea | 2021 | 10 min | Clara Saemi Kwak

In the wake of traumatic encounter, Do-a is encouraged by an ice cream treat to freeze her mother’s heart.

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El Carrito

USA | 2021 | 15 min | Zahida Pirani

Nelly works as a street vendor from dawn to dusk, but when her livelihood is stolen, she is forced to take a leap of faith.

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Shallow Breath

Australia | 2021 | 5 min | Robbie Studsor

A drowning survivor confronts her own obsession with her near-tragic accident and the woman who saved her.

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Dad’s Sneakers

Ukraine | 2021 | 19 min | Olha Zhurba

On the eve of being adopted by an American family, 13-year-old Sasha seeks out the sole keepsake tying him to his homeland Ukraine.

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Love, Dad

Czech Republic | 2021 | 13 min | Diana Cam Van Nguyen

Diana Cam Van Nguyen’s complex, heartrending relationship with her father forms the basis of this form-bending animated memoir.

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Canada (Québec) | 2021 | 25 min | Jorge Camarotti

Ousmane, a newly arrived immigrant living in Montreal, faces a challenging situation when he meets a disoriented elderly lady at the end of his workday.

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