Maya Nilo (Laura)

Maya Nilo (Laura)

Sweden | 2022 | 102 min | Lovisa Sirén

April 14 - 24, 2022

Lovisa Sirén makes her feature film debut with a delightfully messy road movie in which two sisters and a teenage daughter fight their way from Stockholm to Portugal.

Director Lovisa Siren scheduled to attend.


*Restricted to audiences in WA State.

What makes a family? Uncomfortable realities mix with laughter and tears in this vibrant exploration of female relationships from debut filmmaker Lovisa Sirén. Nilo (Bahar Pars) is a feminist writer with a husband and 13-year-old daughter Laura (Nidja Rosenberg), and theirs is a life of order. And any life of order is bound to get disrupted, this time in the guise of Nilo’s irresponsible sister Maya (Zhala), who has some bad news: She needs to borrow Nilo’s car so she can visit their mother, who has been recently diagnosed with cancer. Though the two sisters are estranged as can be, they hop into the 965 Volvo with Laura to make the arduous journey from Stockholm to Sagres, Portugal. And it won’t be a pleasant ride. Using 35mm to give the film a luminous, deeply saturated, Almodóvar-esque vibe, Maya Nilo (Laura) boasts a marvelous ensemble and an actor-generated script that reveals the truths behind the grudges they hold against each other as well as the lies they tell themselves to cope.

  • Director: Lovisa Sirén
  • Principal Cast: Bahar Pars, Fredrick Lycke, Matteo Lima Alves, Nadja Rosenberg
  • Premiere Status: NA
  • Country: Sweden, Finland, Belgium
  • Year: 2022
  • Running Time: 102 min
  • Producer: Julia Gebauer, Siri Hjorton Wagner
  • Screenplay: Peter Modestij, Lovisa Sirén
  • Cinematographers: Lisabi Fridell
  • Editors: Lovisa Sirén
  • Music: Per Störby Jutbring
  • Website: Official Film Website
  • Filmography: Debut Feature Film
  • Language: Swedish, English, French, Portuguese, Farsi
  • Has Subtitles: Yes
  • Format: DCP
  • International Sales: Totem Films