The Ministry of Time

Spain | 2017 | Nicolás Alcalá

A virtual reality episode for the Spanish TV show "El Ministerio del Tiempo." Shot using stereoscopic techniques and binaural sound, the experience allows the viewers to visit the Ministry of Time and face an interactive test to become time traveling civil servants. It's a one-of-its-kind opportunity to become a character of the series and interact with the rest in a completely immersive environment.

Director Biography

Nicolás Alcalá launched the first crowdfunding project in Spain in 2009, "The Cosmonaut". At the same time, he directed a production studio, producing dozens of campaigns for various brands. In 2015, he founded Future Lighthouse, a Virtual Reality creative studio based in Madrid and Los Angeles. In two years, it has grown from two to 32 people, and achieved a name in the industry.

  • Director: Nicolás Alcalá
  • Country: Spain, USA
  • Year: 2017

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