New Works-in-Progress Forum

Participate in the filmmaker's journey with four works-in-progress sessions.

The SIFF 2019 New Works-in-Progress Forum brings four global film teams, six industry mentors, and a select SIFF audience into the filmic creative process at a vital junction: just before a picture is "locked." Together, they watch the films in-progress and engage in critical feedback for a valuable creative experience. This initiative, held June 6-7, 2019, will comprise two fictional narratives and two documentaries culled from international independent projects, and is perfect for anyone who believes deeply in cinema and wants to be a part of the creative process in visual storytelling.

Works in Progress Documentary Session One: A Loss of Something Ever Felt

Estonia | 2019 | 180 minutes | Carlos E. Lesmes

At the request of her mother Hille, Eeva arrives from Estonia to Bogotá, Colombia to look for her drug- addicted and alcoholic half-brother Lauri. In her quest to find Lauri, Eeva manages to rediscover and reconnect with the fragile love she and her brother once shared.

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Works in Progress Documentary Session Two: Hope’s Journey

USA | 2019 | 180 minutes | Yolanda Cruz

Hope arrives in Oaxaca angry, out of place, and afraid. Others have come in celebration, making the annual pilgrimage to La Virgen de Juquila, the region's patron saint, but it isn't until Hope befriends Soledad that a sense of origin begins to emerge.

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Works in Progress Narrative Session One: The Paths of My Father

Brazil | 2019 | 180 minutes | Mauricio Osaki

When 11-year-old Nhi's grandma is hospitalized, she is forced to join her absent father, a truck driver, on a journey around Vietnam. Nhi wants to escape to her hometown and reconnect with her roots, while the father sees it as a chance to give her away.

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Works in Progress Narrative Session Two: Lina From Lima

Chile | 2019 | 180 minutes | Maria Paz Gonzalez

It's Christmas time. Ten years have passed since Lina (40) traveled to Chile to work as a housekeeper leaving behind her son who lives with his grandmother in Peru. This holiday season, Lina will find herself yearning to rest from the weight of her obligations to think, even for a brief moment, first about herself.

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