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106 minutes

April 8 - 18, 2021

Nine terrifying tales to disturb your sleep and disquiet your dreams.

  • Running Time: 106 minutes

Packaged Films


China | 2020 | 14 min. | Haonan Wang

In a mysterious restaurant hidden in an alleyway, a couple’s date takes a strange plunge into vegetarian cuisine.

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Carl the Exorcist

USA | 2021 | 10 min. | Jordan McKittrick

Father Carl finally gets the chance to perform his first exorcism.

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Spain | 2020 | 9 min. | Paul Urkijo Alijo

“Dar, dar, dar, bring your finger for dinner. If you decline, I will return at night time and your soul will be mine”—a new short film from the director of ERREMENTARI: THE BLACKSMITH AND THE DEVIL

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The Haunted Swordsman

USA | 2019 | 16 min. | Kevin McTurk

In this handcrafted epic puppet film, a lone samurai and his odd companion—a cursed severed head—seek vengeance in a haunted world.

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I'll Be Back Tomorrow

USA | 2020 | 5 min. | Summers Brothers

Awoken in the middle of the night, a women and her partner discover eerie connections in the nightmare she just had, only to realize they might not be alone in their new house.

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Australia | 2020 | 15 min. | Katherine Chediak Putnam

When a family man tears down the remains of his burned-out childhood home in an attempt to bury his tragic past, he finds himself tormented by a sinister discovery uncovered in the demolition.

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Look What You Have Done!

Switzerland | 2020 | 10 min. | Monica De Almeida

When Kendra, a criminal psychologist, confronts Jacob with his heinous acts, he claims his innocence and shares a dark tale of a shadowy stranger’s presence.

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Monte Bravo

Spain | 2020 | 14 min. | Noelia Muiño

Paula is playing with her brother, when she sees a werewolf in the forest. But, is it real or just the child’s imagination?

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The Mechanical Dancer

USA | 2020 | 13 min. | Jenna Jaillet

In a run-down part of town there stands a small theater, owned by an eccentric old man. His spectacle "The Mechanical Dancer" is a sight to behold, although perhaps it has seen better days….

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