Alternate Cinema

This year’s Alternate Cinema section provides a different take on film history, one less preachy and more playful.

Get into the experimental film movement with Barbara Rubin & the Exploding NY Underground. Invest in Failure creates a portrait of actor James Mason's persona instead of the man himself. Lynch: A History manifests former Seahawk Marshawn Lynch through a nearly stream-of-consciousness collection of interview and YouTube clips. With Storm of My Heart, Mark cousins examines Hollywood's racist history by showing two musicals side-by-side in their entirety. And those looking for a tasting menu of short films should stop by ALT Shorts.


Austria | 2018 | 7 minutes | Nikki Schuster

Mutating flora and fauna and the splendor of decay.

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Applied Pressure

USA | 2018 | 7 minutes | Kelly Sears

Ease the pain from past physical and mental distress.

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Barbara Rubin & the Exploding NY Underground

USA | 2018 | 78 minutes | Chuck Smith

A portrait of avant-garde filmmaker Barbara Rubin, who influenced the likes of Andy Warhol, Bob Dylan, and Allen Ginsburg.

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Invest in Failure (Notes on Film 06-C, Monologue 03)

Austria | 2018 | 63 minutes | Norbert Pfaffenbichler

Norbert Pfaffenbichler pieced together clips from 160 James Mason films to examine the eternally urbane star's career.

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Lynch: A History

USA | 2019 | 85 minutes | David Shields

A mesmerizing video collage, rather than a traditional doc, on the heroically controversial ex-Seahawk Marshawn Lynch.

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Portugal | 2018 | 11 minutes | Pedro Maia

Men and poetry and distressed film footage.

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SineCide or No One Believes Me But The Police Are Chasing A Wrong Man

Iran | 2018 | 8 minutes | Ata Mojabi

More Hitchcock with multiple Psycho images.

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Storm in My Heart

USA | 2018 | 117 minutes | Mark Cousins

One detail set the careers of Susan Hayward and Lena Horne on very different paths. This doc examines their parallel lives.

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WWW (the whale who wasn't}

Italy | 2018 | 10 minutes | Alessia Cecchet

Monstrous cetacean falls from the sky, signaling the end.

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