Films in the German language from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in celebration of Deutschlandjahr USA / The Year of German American Friendship.

From Germany, we have the biopic All About Me, the wistful drama In the Aisles, the rom-com What Doesn't Kill Us, the generational drama All My Loving, the Muslim marriage-centered Oray, and extraordinary docs about Chilly Gonzales, Holocaust remembrance, the space race, and the self-explanatory #Female Pleasure. Out of Austria we have the psychodrama The Ground Beneath My Feet, while Switzerland brings us the dark, fantastical The Innocent. And for our archival, we have Fritz Lang's 1928 Weimar Germany espionage thriller Spies.

#Female Pleasure

Switzerland | 2018 | 97 minutes | Barbara Miller

The five repression-battling women profiled in this doc find that patriarchal fear of female sexual autonomy is universal.

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All About Me

Germany | 2019 | 100 minutes | Caroline Link

A sweet origin story of one of Germany’s most beloved comedians, Hape Kerkeling.

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All My Loving

Germany | 2019 | 118 minutes | Edward Berger

A trifold drama exploring the lives of three 40ish siblings: a playboy pilot, a neurotic wife, and a harried student.

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Fly Rocket Fly

Germany | 2018 | 90 minutes | Oliver Schwehm

A German aerospace engineer founded the world's first private space travel company and triggered an international firestorm.

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In the Aisles

Germany | 2018 | 125 minutes | Thomas Stuber

A new supermarket night stockman falls in love with a sweets-selling married coworker in this working-class fairy tale.

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Lest We Forget

Germany | 2019 | 85 minutes | Luigi Toscano

Photographer Luigi Toscano spends a whole year meeting with Holocaust survivors around the world to share their stories.

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Germany | 2019 | 100 minutes | Mehmet Akif Buyukatalay

During an argument, a Muslim man accidentally divorces his wife--and his love now conflicts with his faith.

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Shut Up and Play the Piano

Germany | 2018 | 82 minutes | Philipp Jedicke

A bio of Canadian art-punk musician Chilly Gonzales, whose work runs the gamut from electro-rap to classical piano.

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Germany | 1928 | 150 minutes | Fritz Lang

Fritz Lang's silent thriller about the romance between a beautiful Russian spy and a headstrong British secret agent.

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The Ground Beneath My Feet

Austria | 2019 | 108 minutes | Marie Kreutzer

In this Austrian psychodrama, a workaholic business consultant begins to feel her own mental state destabilizing.

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The Innocent

Switzerland | 2018 | 114 minutes | Simon Jaquemet

A neurologist and evangelical Christian finds her convictions threatened when an ex-lover and comes back into her life.

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What Doesn’t Kill Us

Germany | 2018 | 129 minutes | Sandra Nettelbeck

Beleaguered divorced psychotherapist Max falls for his patient Sophie in this German rom-com.

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