Ibero-American Cinema

Our 2019 edition of Ibero-American cinema brings an exceptional array of unique marvels waiting for you to discover, dive into, and yes, most likely fall in love with, over and over again.


Canada | 2018 | 84 minutes | Don Millar

A documentary about Colombian Fernando Botero, possibly the world's most famous living painter.

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Carmen & Lola

Spain | 2018 | 105 minutes | Arantxa Echevarria

Bride-to-be Carmen and street artist Lola pursue a secret first love within their highly conservative Roma community.

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Chef’s Diaries: Scotland

United Kingdom | 2019 | 75 minutes | Laura Otálora

World-famous Spanish chefs the Roca brothers expand their culinary horizons with this travelogue about Scottish cuisine.

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El Ángel

Argentina | 2018 | 126 minutes | Luis Ortega

Baby-faced robber Carlos Robledo Puch, aka “Blondie,” becomes Argentina’s most wanted, feared, and infamous outlaw.

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Mexico | 1946 | 99 minutes | Emilio Fernandez

Two of Mexico’s biggest stars, María Félix and Pedro Armendáriz, clash in this epic 1946 romance.

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I Am Cuba

Cuba | 1964 | 141 minutes | Mikhail Kalatozov

A newly restored pro-revolutionary Soviet cult classic about four Cubans suffering under Batista's dictatorship.

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Lives with Flavor: Monica Patiño & Carlos Gaytán

Mexico | 2019 | 94 minutes | Ruth Zachs Babani, Pablo Gasca Gollás

Profiles on restaurateur and TV host Monica Patiño and Chicago-based Michelin Star-earner Carlos Gaytán.

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Brazil | 2019 | 155 minutes | Wagner Moura

A brutal biopic of Marxist activist Carlos Marighella (Seu Jorge, the Bowie-playing guitarist in The Life Aquatic).

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Midnight Family

Mexico | 2019 | 81 minutes | Luke Lorentzen

Hop in an ambulance with Mexico City’s Ochoa family, who run a private EMT service.

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Miriam Lies

Dominican Republic | 2018 | 90 minutes | Natalia Cabral, Oriol Estrada

Preparations for biracial teen Miriam’s birthday get complicated when her online suitor turns out to be black.

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Colombia | 2019 | 102 minutes | Alejandro Landes

Eight teenagers, in thrall to a mysterious guerrilla organization, eventually and brutally turn on each other.

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France | 2019 | 72 minutes | Juan Antin

Two 10-year-olds set out to retrieve a sacred statue from an Incan overlord in this animated adventure.

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Piazzolla, The Years of the Shark

Argentina | 2018 | 90 minutes | Daniel Rosenfeld

The archives of Astor Piazzolla enrich this look at his life as the master of the Argentine tango.

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Brazil | 2018 | 71 minutes | Alexandre Moratto

A no-punches-pulled drama about a homeless, family-less teen struggling to get by in São Paulo's ghetto.

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Guatemala | 2019 | 107 minutes | Jayro Bustamante

A just-out gay man faces brutal pressure to conform from his family in intensely Catholic Guatemala.

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The Awakening of the Ants

Costa Rica | 2019 | 94 minutes | Antonella Sudasassi Furniss

Isa’s surrealist imaginings suggest a suppressed revolt against the societal and domestic pressures placed on her.

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The Days to Come

Spain (Catalunya) | 2019 | 95 minutes | Carlos Marqués-Marcet

A couple grapples with an unexpected pregnancy that will change the dynamics of their relationship.

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The Extraordinary Journey of Celeste Garcia

Cuba | 2018 | 92 minutes | Arturo Infante

Stuck in a rut, former schoolteacher and planetarium guide Celeste Garcia is chosen to begin a new life on the planet Gyrok.

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The Footballest

Spain | 2018 | 98 minutes | Miguel Angel Lamata

A hapless young soccer team has to not only win a game but solve a mystery to avoid their team’s disbanding.

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The Good Girls

Mexico | 2018 | 93 minutes | Alejandra Marquez Abella

Sofia struggles to hold onto her status as the peso collapses, setting her adrift in a new reality in this sly satire.

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The Realm

Spain | 2018 | 121 minutes | Rodrigo Sorogoyen

When a corrupt politician is made a scapegoat by his fellow colleagues, he must avoid prison by playing the system.

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The Sharks

Uruguay | 2019 | 80 minutes | Lucia Garibaldi

Not only are sharks menacing 14-year-old Rosina's Uruguayan beach town, unrequited romantic interest is menacing her.

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This Is Not Berlin

Mexico | 2019 | 105 minutes | Hari Sama

Young friends in Mexico City in 1986 explore the city's sexually fluid New Wave subculture.

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Virgin & Extra: The Land of the Olive Oil

Spain | 2018 | 90 minutes | Jose Luis Lopez Linares

The Spanish province of Jaen produces 20% of the world's olive oil—some say it's the best of all.

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Your Turn

Brazil | 2019 | 93 minutes | Eliza Capai

A fast-paced, multifaceted documentary following three students through Brazilian student protests.

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Spain | 2018 | 104 minutes | Iciar Bollain

Legendary dancer Carlos Acosta's heartfelt biography with stunning dance sequences.

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