Official Competition

With work spanning the world, the eight films in the Official Competition illustrate some of the finest filmmaking this year.

Many of the films discuss themes that resonate worldwide-themes of immigration and friendship (Twin Flower), coming of age in times of political turmoil (House of Hummingbird), and the complications of family and love (Them That Follow, The Days to Come). The concept of how to represent yourself artistically comes through in X&Y, while the fight for what is right and true (Watch List [Maria]), or simply what is real (Ghost Town Anthology), can battle with how to retell history (The Announcement).

Juried by a team of international industry members, the winner of the Official Competition will be announced at the Golden Space Needle Awards and receive a cash prize of $5,000.


Sam Morrill, Helen Huang, Anne Hubbell

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Ghost Town Anthology

Canada (Québec) | 2019 | 97 minutes | Denis Côté

The insularity of a small Québec town intensifies the grief and the mystery of a young man’s alleged suicide.

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House of Hummingbird

South Korea | 2018 | 138 minutes | Bora Kim

14-year-old Eun-hee struggles with social pressure, her sexuality, and her indifferent family during the summer of 1994.

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The Announcement

Turkey | 2018 | 95 minutes | Mahmut Fazil Coskun

A deadpan black comedy and true story about four retired colonels who attempt to take over Turkey’s national radio station.

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The Days to Come

Spain (Catalunya) | 2019 | 95 minutes | Carlos Marqués-Marcet

A couple grapples with an unexpected pregnancy that will change the dynamics of their relationship.

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Them That Follow

USA | 2019 | 98 minutes | Britt Poulton, Dan Madison Savage

A young woman in a snake-handling cult must hide her pregnancy from her community and preacher father.

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Twin Flower

Italy | 2018 | 96 minutes | Laura Luchetti

A young woman on the run and a man from the Ivory Coast team up to cross a bleak Sardinia.

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Watch List (Maria)

Philippines | 2019 | 94 minutes | Ben Rekhi

A widowed mother is forced to enter Manila’s dark underworld of cops, criminals, and drugs.

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Sweden | 2018 | 112 minutes | Anna Odell

This hard-edged social satire of filmmaking and gender deconstruction blurs fiction and reality.

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