Archival Films

Thanks to ultra high-resolution digital scanning, we are living in the heyday of gorgeous restorations that return cinema's most beloved and often long-unavailable films back to audiences.

Ashby. Buñuel. Fassbinder. Jarman. Queen! Our Archival Features are more than just a chance to see great films back on the big screen; they are an experience of their own, as we have collected this year's finest restored masterpieces, uncovered previously unseen work from iconic filmmakers, and crafted unique film and music events.

Being There

USA | 1979 | 130 minutes | Hal Ashby

Peter Sellers plays a childlike gardener who is thrust into the world of politics and telvision in Hal Ashby's classic satire.

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Belle de Jour

France | 1967 | 100 minutes | Luis Bunuel

Catherine Deneuve plays a bored houswife turned part-time sex worker in Luis Bunuel's surreal and erotic masterpiece.

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Edward II

United Kingdom | 1991 | 87 minutes | Derek Jarman

Derek Jarman's postmodern update of the Elizabethan drama chronicles the downfall of openly gay monarch King Edward II.

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Eight Hours Don’t Make a Day

Germany | 1972 | 478 minutes | Rainer Werner Fassbinder

An epic eight part social history of postwar Germany, helmed by the late prolific German auteur Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

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Found Footage Festival: Cherished Gems

USA | 2018 | 85 minutes | Joe Pickett, Nick Prueher

Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher have carefully curated the best of their outrageous video collection to present along with live comedy commentary.

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Highlander with Live Soundtrack by DJ NicFit

United Kingdom | 1986 | 116 minutes | Russell Mulcahy

Seattle's own DJ NicFit reimagines this cult classic with a decades-spanning all Queen playlist performed live on two turntables.

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L’Inferno with Live Score by My Goodness

Italy | 1911 | 71 minutes | Francesco Bertolini, Giuseppe de Liguoro, Adolfo Padovan

Seattle rock band My Goodness provide a live accompaniment to the 1911 Italian silent film.

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Sansho the Bailiff

Japan | 1954 | 126 minutes | Kenji Mizoguchi

A Japenese cinema masterpiece in which a nobleman's family is ripped apart by slave traders.

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The Changeling

Canada | 1980 | 107 minutes | Peter Medak

George C Scott plays a composer who receives messages from a childish paranormal entity in this acclaimed gothic thriller.

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The Crime of Monsieur Lange

France | 1936 | 83 minutes | Jean Renoir

Jean Renoir's long-unseen masterpiece about a writer who attempts to combat the misdeeds of of a predatory publisher.

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