Asian Crossroads

Take this opportunity to travel across the Asian continent and peer into windows of faraway places and lush cultures you may have never got a chance to experience before.

The 2018 Asian Crossroads program continues our tradition of representing several Asian countries, from the hustling metropolises and bright lights of cities like Seoul and Taipei to the quaint countryside villages bubbling with stories to tell.

Angels Wear White

China | 2017 | 107 minutes | Vivian Qu

A young woman witnesses a local official's assault against two schoolgirls, leading to a complex aftermath of cover-ups and gaslighting.

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Chedeng & Apple

Philippines | 2018 | 97 minutes | Rae Red, Fatrick Tabada

Two best friends and their children go on the run after one friend decapitates her abusive husband.

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Dead Pigs

China | 2018 | 130 minutes | Cathy Yan

Winner of the SIFF 2018 Grand Jury Prize - New Directors Competition and the China Stars Award for Best First Film | Five Shanghai residents find their lives converging amidst the backdrop of a mysterious river of dead swine.

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India | 2018 | 105 minutes | Q (Qaushiq Mukherjee)

After being enslaved by a derranged internet troll, a woman turns the tables on her captor by enacting violent revenge.

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Girls Always Happy

China | 2018 | 117 minutes | Mingming Yang

Winner of the SIFF 2018 China Stars Award for Best New Talent | A college graduate stuck living at home clashes with her mother over everything from marriage to money to table manners.

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Half Widow

India | 2017 | 91 minutes | Danish Renzu

Amid the backdrop of the Kashmiri conflict, a young woman must come to grips with the disappearance of her doting husband.

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I Miss You When I See You

Hong Kong | 2018 | 93 minutes | Simon Chung

After reuniting in Australia, a depressed man follows his old secondary school friend back to their native Hong Kong.

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Kiss & Spell

Vietnam | 2017 | 113 minutes | Stephane Gauger

A magician deathly afraid of ghosts falls for a girl haunted by them in this spellbinding horror-romantic-comedy.

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Last Child

South Korea | 2017 | 124 minutes | Shin Dong-seok

A grieving couple attempts to cope with their son’s death by becoming mentor to a bullied boy.

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Looking For?

Taiwan | 2017 | 60 minutes | Tung-yen Chou

Dating apps pose the same basic question. Documentarian Tung-Yen Chou unveils the varied, complex answers gay men have found globally.

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Love and Shukla

India | 2017 | 111 minutes | Siddhartha Jatla

After an arranged wedding, Shukla of Mumbai longs for intimacy while crowded with his whole family living in one room.

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Love Education

China | 2017 | 122 minutes | Sylvia Chang

A woman’s plan to relocate her father’s grave unravels a tale of three generations of love, betrayal, and hope.

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Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts

Indonesia | 2017 | 93 minutes | Mouly Surya

A woman defending herself from gang rape becomes considered an outlaw herself in this dark feminist western.

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Sri Lanka | 2018 | 94 minutes | Stephen Loveridge

The genesis, artistry, and politics of subversive hip-hop star M.I.A. are unraveled in a kinetic collage of her own footage.

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Nervous Translation

Philippines | 2018 | 90 minutes | Shireen Seno

A precocious 8-year-old girl in the late-1980s Philippines processes the turmoil around her in her own magical lens.

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New Turn

Hong Kong | 2017 | 102 minutes | Doris Wong

A Hong Kong twenty-something searching Taiwan for her twin sister finds unexpected friendship and kindness along the way.

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No Bed of Roses

Bangladesh | 2017 | 86 minutes | Mostofa Sawar Farooki

A famed Bangladeshi movie director’s life is upended by scandal when he leaves his family to marry a teenage girl.

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People's Republic of Desire

China | 2018 | 95 minutes | Hao Wu

A captivating look at China’s Internet celebrities, and the dark side of their pursuit for digital fame.

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Shuttle Life

Malaysia | 2017 | 96 minutes | Seng-Kiat Tan

A malasyian youth embarks on a quest to recover his sister's body and take revnge upon her killer.

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China | 2017 | 106 minutes | Yixi Sun

Two Chinese students find themselves in a chilling Gothic tale in a secluded 16th century mansion in the British countryside.

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The Bold, The Corrupt, and The Beautiful

Taiwan | 2017 | 112 minutes | Ya-che Yang

The ruthless matriarch of an all-female crime family finds her syndicate on the brink of collapse.

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The Empty Hands

Hong Kong | 2017 | 87 minutes | Chapman To

A woman competes in a martial arts tournament to win ownership of her late father's dojo.

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The Poet and the Boy

South Korea | 2017 | 110 minutes | Yang-hee Kim

A disillusioned poet on Jeju Island finds new inspiration through his romance with a boy in a donut shop.

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The Silk and The Flame

USA | 2018 | 100 minutes | Jordan Schiele

A middle-aged gay man living in Beijing returns to the countryside and his traditional family in the hopes of reconnection.

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The Story of ‘72

Nepal | 2018 | 87 minutes | Prabin Syangbo

A young man leaves his native home of Nepal to chase an uncertain future.

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The Taste of Betel Nut

China | 2017 | 84 minutes | Jia Hu

Winner of the SIFF 2018 China Stars Award for Best Film | A polyamorous male couple test the limits of their sexuality by becoming romantically entangled with a beautiful young girl.

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The Third Murder

Japan | 2017 | 124 minutes | Hirokazu Kore-eda

A defense attorney who begins to question his profession after a client begins to change his story with each confession.

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The Widowed Witch

China | 2018 | 118 minutes | Cai Chengjie

A third-time widow who falls on especially hard times is declared cursed but then turns superstition to her advantage.

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Village Rockstars

India | 2017 | 87 minutes | Rima Das

A willful 10-year-old girl in a rural India decides to form a band despite the limitations of her impoverished lifestyle.

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Wrath of Silence

China | 2017 | 119 minutes | Yukun Xin

A mute Chinese miner sets off to find his missing son using whatever tactics necessary.

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