Emoción Pura: Cinema from Spain

Our Cinema from Spain 2018 edition brings an exceptional array of unique marvels waiting for you to discover, dive into, and yes, most likely fall in love with, over and over again.

A few of the reasons American audiences have long been in love with Spanish Cinema are the elements of surprise, the vivid imagination and the larger than life characters that define Spanish film. In these films, everything and everyone is put to the test: races against time, seeking love (or dealing with a lack thereof), and fervently chasing dreams and desires. Once the screen lights up, something unique and fantastic unravels in front of our eyes and we are swept away by the unconventional comedies, sophisticated historical dramas, delicious culinary treats, and terrifying horror films that Spain makes so, so well.

Anchor and Hope

Spain | 2017 | 112 minutes | Carlos Marques-Marcet

When a lesbian couple decides to start a family they ask an old friend to donate his sperm.

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Spain | 2018 | 120 minutes | Javier Fesser

A disgraced basketball coach is given the chance to coach a team of players who are intellectually disabled.

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Constructing Albert

Spain | 2017 | 82 minutes | Laura Collado, Jim Loomis

A spanish chef attempts to open six unique restaurants in the heart of Barcelona.

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Cuban Food Stories

Cuba | 2018 | 83 minutes | Asori Soto

A documentary exploring the authentic flavors and rich cultural traditions found in Cuba's culinary scene.

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Errementari: The Blacksmith and the Devil

Spain | 2017 | 99 minutes | Paul Urkijo Alijo

A government official and an orphaned girl find themselves at a sinister blacksmith's workshop housing a terrible secret.

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Spain | 2017 | 115 minutes | Jon Garano, Aitor Arregi

A young crippled man returns home from war to find that his brother has turned into a giant.

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Gold Seekers

Paraguay | 2017 | 102 minutes | Juan Carlos Maneglia, Tana Schémbori

After finding an antique treasure map, a teen and his band of whip-smart friends stage a daring heist.

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Lots of Kids, a Monkey and a Castle

Spain | 2017 | 90 minutes | Gustavo Salmeron

70-year-old Julita Salmerón revels in her quirky family one more time as their financial future hits dire straits.

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Summer 1993

Spain | 2017 | 97 minutes | Carla Simón

A six-year-old girl orphaned as a result of the AIDS virus must relearn the meaning of human intimacy.

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