Latin-American Cinema

Today more than ever, Latin America exists as an abundant and varied region rich with innovative ideas. Yet it is also an untouched wellspring of stories that have long been waiting to be told and are now starting to come out and take their place among the world’s storytelling traditions.

This year, Latin America cinema shines again with its uncompromising, entertaining and emotionally charged features and documentaries. SIFF 2018 is proud to present a collection of some of the most acclaimed films from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Perú, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Let these 15 new films from Latin America lead you to the heart, mind and soul of one of the most vital, surprising and prolific regions of the world.

Cuban Food Stories

Cuba | 2018 | 83 minutes | Asori Soto

A documentary exploring the authentic flavors and rich cultural traditions found in Cuba's culinary scene.

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Gold Seekers

Paraguay | 2017 | 102 minutes | Juan Carlos Maneglia, Tana Schémbori

After finding an antique treasure map, a teen and his band of whip-smart friends stage a daring heist.

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Good Manners

Brazil | 2017 | 135 minutes | Marco Dutra, Juliana Rojas

A caregiver discovers that her employer has a voracious appetite for meat and unsettling urges during full moons.

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Hard Paint

Brazil | 2018 | 119 minutes | Filipe Matzembacher, Marcio Reolon

A shy twentysomething online erotic worker ventures out of his comfort zone to defend his space as a performer.

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Killing Jesus

Colombia | 2017 | 99 minutes | Laura Mora Oretega

Her father murdered before her eyes, and the police indifferent, a Colombian student plots a bloody revenge against the murderer.

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Argentina | 2018 | 80 minutes | Martín Rodriguez Redondo

A gay young man in rural Argentina, longing to pursue education elsewhere, instead suddenly inherits his family’s ranch.

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Guatemala | 2017 | 90 minutes | Michael Polish

A young Honduran woman’s romantic encounter with a handsome traveler lures her into the twisted net of human trafficking.

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Peru | 2018 | 101 minutes | Alvaro L. Aparicio

An artistic boy in rural Peru finds his vision distorted when he learns a secret about his troubled father.

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Rubén Blades Is Not My Name

Panama | 2018 | 85 minutes | Abner Benaim

This documentary chronicles the many and ongoing ambitions of salsa music pioneer Ruben Blades over fifty-plus years.

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Rush Hour

Mexico | 2017 | 79 minutes | Luciana Kaplan

Residents of Los Angeles, Mexico City, and Istanbul share their experiences of being trapped in city gridlock.

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Brazil | 2018 | 100 minutes | Aly Muritiba

Winner of the SIFF 2018 Grand Jury Prize - Ibero-American Competition | When a Brazilian teenager's sex video goes viral, she commits one desperate act that shocks her enite community.

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The Heiresses

Paraguay | 2018 | 95 minutes | Marcelo Martinessi

A longtime couple's bond is tested when one is sent to prison and the other begins chauffeuring wealthier older ladies.

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The Last Suit

Argentina | 2017 | 92 minutes | Pablo Solarz

Winner of the Golden Space Needle Award for Best Actor (Miguel Ángel Solá) | Coming to grips with his mortality, an elderly tailor searches for the man that once saved him from the Holocaust.

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Tigers Are Not Afraid

Mexico | 2017 | 83 minutes | Issa Lopez

A young girl forms an alliance with a gang of orphaned boys in a Mexican town ravaged by drug wars.

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Virus Tropical

Colombia | 2017 | 96 minutes | Santiago Caicedo

Animated feature that follows a woman—from conception to young adulthood—as she fumbles her way through a dysfunctional life.

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