Puget Soundtrack presents Prom Queen

Prom Queen

90 minutes

The dark-surf, girl-group noir sounds of Seattle's Prom Queen meet some of our favorite visuals from the catalogue of beloved exploitation film archivists Something Weird video, creating a unique new experience of B-movie indulgence. Co-presented by Northwest Film Forum's Puget Soundtrack series and Capitol Hill Block Party.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

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Seattle's Prom Queen blends their dark-surf, girl-group noir sound (aka "Doom-Wop," which is also the title of their upcoming third album) with some of our favorite clips from the catalogue of beloved exploitation film archivists Something Weird Video, creating a unique new experience of B-movie indulgence that features classic burlesque reels, drive-in trailers, ephemeral classroom films, and LSD inspired oddities. This special music and film experience is presented as part of Puget Soundtrack, Northwest Film Forum's beloved series that has been inviting local musicians to score films since 2014. Prom Queen appears courtesy of our co-presenter Capitol Hill Block Party, whose 2017 festival runs July 21-23.

  • Premiere Status: Seattle
  • Running Time: 90 minutes
  • Music: Live score performed by Prom Queen

Triple Door

The Triple Door

The historic Mann building that houses The Triple Door was originally home to the Embassy Theatre, a vaudeville house that opened in 1926. Built by the Mann and Gallatly families from Wenatchee, the theatre quickly transitioned to films as public tastes began to change in the late 1920s.

The theatre remained one of the premier movie houses in Seattle for the next 30 years, but by the early 1960s the grand days of the Embassy had come to an end. It struggled to hold its own as an A list theatre, but managed to stay on as a blue movie and burlesque house until it closed for good in 1983.

In the fall of 2002, renovation began with a simple goal: an intimate, comfortable space that would connect performers to their audience. Every effort was taken to preserve the ornate qualities of the old theatre, such as the original stage proscenium and ceiling fixtures. Rich fabrics, plush seating, and state of the art sound would complete the renovation, transforming the grand old space for a new generation of entertainment.