Shorts Before Features


A wonderful mix of short films that are paired with features throughout the festival. To see these films, purchase tickets to the feature film screening with which it is being presented.

  • Director: Various
  • Language: Various

Packaged Films


China | 2016 | 7 minutes | SUN Yiran, XU Jiyao

The friendship between Earthworm and Caterpillar takes flight.

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Breathe, Just Breathe

USA | 2016 | 3 minutes | Carrie Robinson, Cheryl Ediss

A search for the truth told through dance as three characters navigate darkness, confusion and internal struggle.

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Elephant King

China | 2017 | 11 minutes | FU Yan, FU Yongchao

An evil queen is confronted by the Elephant King about the horrors of animal poaching.

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Free Throw Line

China | 2016 | 7 minutes | ZHANG Yixin

A young basketball player endures all the challenges of taking the game winning shot.

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A Hand of Bridge

USA | 2017 | 15 minutes | Frank Borin, David Miller

Two couples reveal their deepest fears, darkest secrets, and greatest fantasies while playing the card game Bridge.

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USA | 2017 | 11 minutes | James Allen Smith

Three moments in the life of Haskell Carlston, who was born with the ability to manipulate time.

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I Come From Prairie

China | 2016 | 8 minutes | Aersibieke Nuhan

Ten-year-old Aybar learns a valuable lesson about keeping the sheep safe from the wolves.

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The Kidnapping of Richard Franco

United Kingdom | 2017 | 14 minutes | Dan Clark

A married couple going through tough times decide to kidnap an has-been movie star.

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Penelope in the Treehouse

USA | 2016 | 13 minutes | Jonathan Langager

When a new stepfather moves in, Penelope escapes to a treehouse above the clouds.

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Prestige Ingredients

France | 2016 | 26 minutes | Danielle & Adrian Rubi-Dentzel

A stifled, young Hollywood actress slips into a world of mouthwatering delicacies, sweet heartache, and bitter tears when she takes an unlikely job with an inspired rebel chef in Paris, France.

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USA | 2016 | 28 minutes | Joyce Chen, Emily Moore

Winner of the Grand Jury Prize - Documentary Short Competition

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Sakurada: Zen Chef

Japan | 2016 | 13 minutes | Hirokazu Kishida

The final 100 days of a renowned 2 Michelin starred kaiseki restaurant in Kyoto, “SAKURADA,” after the sudden announcement to close its doors.

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The Sea

China | 2016 | 7 minutes | Li Yifan

A house by the sea reflects the greed of those who visit.

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Sweet, Sour, Dill, and Everything in Between

USA | 2016 | 4 minutes | Justine Miller

A third-generation pickle maker on how it all started in 1897 and how they still make millions of pickles per year today.

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A Town Called Panic: Back to School

Belgium | 2016 | 26 minutes | Stéphane Aubier, Vincent Patar

Cowboy and Indian use a special shrinking potion to learn the answers that live only in Pig’s brain.

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