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Silver Linings

104 minutes

April 8 - 18, 2021

Even the darkest clouds can have silver linings. This global collection of short films explores how the worst of times can bring out the best in us.

  • Running Time: 104 minutes

Packaged Films

Are You Still There?

USA | 2021 | 15 min. | Rayka Zehtabchi, Sam Davis

A dead car battery leaves Safa stranded alone in a strip mall parking lot.

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Breaking Ground

Rwanda | 2020 | 13 min. | Inès Girihirwe

After spending the day with a supportive group of women, Anna decides to see herself in a new light.

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France | 2019 | 16 min. | Anthony Lemaître

Yacine and his friends plan to sneak into Fast & Furious 8 by buying cheaper tickets to the film club screening of Bicycle Thieves. When the time comes to cut and run, Yacine can’t seem to tear himself away from the Italian neorealist classic.

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Like the Ones I Used to Know

Canada (Quebec) | 2021 | 18 min. | Annie St-Pierre

A messy, warm, and lived-in family drama about a man picking up his kids from his ex wife’s family Christmas party. The only problem is, the kids don’t want to leave.

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Postcards from the End of the World

Greece | 2019 | 23 min. | Konstantinos Antonopoulos

A burnt out couple are vacationing on a remote Greek island with their two daughters when human civilization suddenly collapses. After some initial chaos, they decide to turn this ending into the fresh start that their souls have been longing for.

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USA | 2021 | 7 min. | Julian Doan

A socially awkward young man channels lighter times when deciding how best to say goodbye to his late father.

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You And The Thing That You Love

USA | 2020 | 12 min. | Nicholas Maher

A teenage skate punk on the verge of going pro has a freak accident and loses his sight. Instead of letting the darkness take hold, he’s determined to get back on his board.

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