Social Media Toolkit Guests

SIFF 2019 Social Media Toolkit For Guests

Assets and information for promoting the Seattle International Film Festival on social media.


1) Follow us at @SIFFnews on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

2) Add a Facebook frame to your profile picture or story posts to show your support!

3) Watch Festival trailers on our YouTube channel's SIFF 2019 playlist.

4) Share our custom #SIFF2019 stickers and gifs from SIFF's Giphy account. Available on Facebook and Instagram for stories and posts through the "Stickers" option.

5) Tune into SIFFscores on Spotify to hear Festival-themed playlists.

6) Hashtags, Hashtags, Hashtags! Share your experience at SIFF this year by using the #SIFF2019 hashtag.


Get your Twitter followers engaged with all of the #SIFF2019 happenings:

I'm so excited to see [Film Name] as a part of #SIFF2019! Join us and get your tickets now [Link]

I'm so excited to be part of #SIFF2019 & see these amazing films! We got our tickets—go get yours![Link]


Use and adapt these sample Facebook posts and help spread the word on your timeline

I'm going to SIFF! You can too. Check out some of this year's official selections! [Link]

I'm excited to be seeing [Film Name] in the 2019 Seattle International Film Festival! Get your tickets and passes for this incredible film [Link]


Use and adapt these sample Instagram posts and get your followers involved with #SIFF2019

I'm excited to see [Film Name] at @SIFFnews  for the 45th Seattle International Film Festival! #SIFF2019

I'm stoked to be supporting the Seattle International Film Festival! Get your pass to support this Seattle institution. #SIFF2019

This year's #SIFF2019 looks like the best one yet! Check out the program to get your tickets while they last! [Link]

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