The Dive

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Israel | 2018 | 91 minutes | Yona Rozenkier

A father’s demand that his three fractious sons come together one year after his death to complete his last wishes is the backdrop for Yona Rozenkier’s treatise on toxic masculinity, old resentments, and a society constantly in conflict. This debut feature is a 2018 SIFF New Works-in-Progress film.

"There are echoes of The Deerhunter in The Dive as Rozenkier explores the lingering impact of war on a community and its menfolk."—Screen Daily

Starring the director himself as well as his real-life brothers, Yona Rozenkier's The Dive exposes the emotional impact of conflict on three brothers reuniting for funeral duties at their childhood kibbutz. Their dead father's manipulative last request, designed from the grave to reconcile the three, instead inflames long-simmering rifts in a surreal setting of distant shelling, direct missile hits, and ABBA. Yoav (Yoel Rozenkier) is the prodigal son who has been lost to his brothers since leaving the army under a cloud. Itai (Yona Rozenkier) is the brother who stayed behind, still on army reserve and responsible for the security of the elderly kibbutz diehards who have remained when all others are gone. Little brother Avishai (Micha Rozenkier) is expected to complete his military service in real combat in Lebanon once his father's funeral weekend is over. But Avi is woefully underprepared—both his fear and lack of readiness make him a perfect target for his two brothers' competing views on the value of service and the call to duty. War, both literally and figuratively, looms large in this part of the world, where the expectation to fight and the pressure to "man up" takes center stage. The Dive is a 2018 SIFF New Works-in-Progress project.

— Kathleen McInnis

Director Biography
Yona Rezenkier is an actor, writer, and film director born and raised in Yehiam, a Kibbutz in northern Israel. He graduated from The Steve Tisch School of Film and Television at the Tel Aviv University. Rezenkier's second feature script, Decompression (currently in financing) won first prize at the 2016 Sam Spiegel International Film Lab, as well as the Jerusalem Pitch-Point Yapimlab award at JFF 2017. The Dive is his directorial feature debut.

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  • Original Language Title: Hatzlila
  • Director: Yona Rozenkier
  • Principal Cast: Yoel Rosenkier, Yona Rozenkier, Micha Rozenkier, Claudia Dulitchi, Shmuel Edelman, Miki Marmur
  • Country: Israel
  • Year: 2018
  • Running Time: 91 minutes
  • Producer: Kobi Mizrahi, Efrat Cohen
  • Screenplay: Yona Rozenkier
  • Cinematographers: Oded Ashkenazi
  • Editors: Or Lee-Tal
  • Music: Israel Bright
  • Awards: Jerusalem International Film Festival 2018 (Best Israeli Film, Debut Film, Actor, Cinematography)
  • Filmography: Debut Feature Film
  • Language: Hebrew, Italian
  • Has Subtitles: Yes
  • Format: DCP
  • International Sales: Stray Dogs