The Family Picture Show

The Family Picture Show

2019 | 81 minutes


Bring the whole family to the cinema for a playful set of animated and live action films curated for the young and the young at heart. Recommended for all ages.

  • Year: 2019
  • Running Time: 81 minutes

Packaged Films

A Kalabanda Ate My Homework

Uganda | 2018 | 7 minutes | Raymond Malinga

Your teacher is not going to believe that a mythical creature consumed your assignment.

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Dancer By the Sea

USA | 2019 | 10 minutes | Barbara Mones

A widowed dancer saves an otter on her beachfront and nurses it back to health.

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United Kingdom | 2018 | 5 minutes | Hend Esmat, Lamiaa Diab

What if the children were in charge?

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USA | 2018 | 3 minutes | Brenna Johnson

Ming, a young monk, is confronted with the daunting task to light the inside of a dark, foreboding temple.

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Rocket Boy

United Kingdom | 2018 | 5 minutes | Simon Sorted

A first-hand account of a man who witnessed the launch of Apollo 11 when he was a boy.

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France | 2018 | 5 minutes | Marta Gennari

The opening of a small hairdressing salon injects new life into the residents of a retirement home.

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Sam’s Dream

France | 2018 | 7 minutes | Nolwenn Roberts

A little mouse decides to make his crazy dream come true.

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France | 2018 | 5 minutes | Florent Hill

A grandson tries to fix an annoying eating habit that his grandmother has at the table.

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The Last Day of Autumn

Switzerland | 2019 | 7 minutes | Marjolaine Perreten

Forest animals secretly collect parts from abandoned bicycles as they are preparing for a great race.

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United Kingdom | 2018 | 27 minutes | Max Lang, Daniel Snaddon

A coming-of-age delight about a young dragon-in-training.

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