The Flapper


USA | 2020 | 4 min. | Salise Hughes

April 8 - 18, 2021

The buoyant energy of a modern woman who bobs her hair and dances to jazz is too often objectified and repressed by a figure like that of Robert Mitchum from Night of the Hunter.

  • Director: Salise Hughes
  • Principal Cast: Robert Mitchum, Lillian Gish
  • Country: USA
  • Year: 2020
  • Running Time: 4 min.
  • Producer: Salise Hughes
  • Screenplay: Salise Hughes
  • Editors: Salise Hughes
  • Music: Brian Short. Jellyroll Morton
  • Website: Official Film Website
  • Language: No Dialogue

This film is playing as a part of Alt Shorts: Female (Re)Visions

Taken together, these experimental films from female filmmakers exhibit technical mastery, narrative tomfoolery, animated intricacy, and emotional honesty.

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