The Place

The Place

Italy | 2017 | 105 minutes | Paolo Genovese

In this captivating merry-go-round of desperate tales and terrible assignments, a mysterious restaurant patron grants strangers their greatest wishes as long as they complete the peculiar task he assigns them. Based on the TV series "The Booth at the End." 

How far would you go to get what you want? The title refers to a nondescript restaurant where a mysterious man sits every day at the same table, granting his visitors' biggest wishes and assigning them peculiar tasks to accomplish in return, forcing each of these 10 visitors to consider the limits of their dreams and capabilities. Based on the American TV series "The Booth at the End," director Paolo Genovese (Perfect Strangers) has created a film where everything is told but never seen, still managing to keep the tension ratcheted up. Despite the simplicity of its cinematography and the restrictions of the narrative, we as viewers are caught in the web of these stories and the crescendo of the visitors' interweaving tragedies. The man at the table could be the devil, but sometimes the people who sit in front of him—an all-star cast of some of Italy's biggest actors—are even more terrifying. Riveting and captivating, this is a merry-go-round of desperate tales and terrible assignments, a film with a huge emotional impact and a disturbing but fascinating beauty.

Director Biography
Born in Rome in 1966, Paolo Genovese directed dozens of commercials for advertising firm McCann Erickson before crossing over into film. His debut was A Neopolitan Spell (2002), co-directed with Luca Miniero. Genovese has since solo-directed several films, such as The Immature (2011) and Perfect Strangers (2016), the latter winning the Award for Best Screenplay in an International Narrative Feature Film at the Tribeca Film Festival, and Best Film at the David di Donatello Awards.

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  • Director: Paolo Genovese
  • Principal Cast: Valerio Mastandrea, Marco Giallini, Alba Rorhwarcher, Vittoria Puccini, Rocco Papaleo
  • Premiere Status: Seattle
  • Country: Italy
  • Year: 2017
  • Running Time: 105 minutes
  • Producer: Marco Belardi
  • Screenplay: Isabella Aguilar, Paolo Genovese
  • Cinematographers: Fabrizio Lucci
  • Editors: Consuelo Catucci
  • Music: Maurizio Filardo
  • Website: Official Film Website
  • Awards: Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2018 (Special Jury Prize)
  • Filmography: Perfect Strangers (2016); Ever Been to the Moon? (2015); Tutta colpa di Freud (2014); Una famiglia perfetta (2012); Immaturi - Il viaggio (2012); The Immature (2011); The Santa Claus Gang (2010); Questa notte e ancora nostra (2008); Sorry, You Can't Get Through! (2005)
  • Language: Italian
  • Has Subtitles: Yes
  • Format: DCP
  • International Sales: True Colours Glorious Film