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Timeless Beauty

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France | 2018 | 85 minutes | Deyan Parouchev

This lush and inspiring doc explores how the fashion industry is expanding its definition of "beauty" beyond merely young and thin to embrace older, ethnically diverse, and nontraditional models of all kinds.

"At 50 you get the face you deserve," said Coco Chanel. And in a new development for the fashion industry—in which the average retirement age for women is 26!—these are precisely the faces that are becoming more interesting and more coveted. As a couple interviewees in this doc point out, this change is being driven largely by younger photographers who want "faces… that can tell a story." The rise of social media, too, is a factor; with Instagram you can present your own portfolio and be your own agent. Among the models we meet: Catherine Loewe, a former attorney who switched careers at age 57; goofily adorable twin sisters Monette and Mady Malroux; and Daphne Selfe, now 90, who's been working steadily since 1949. What's their secret? Think young (and salads and yoga don't hurt). And, ohhh, the hair!—satiny sweeps of silver-gray, meringue-y clouds of snow white piled aristocratically high. Age is not the only taboo being broken; increasingly, models are being showcased whose bodies can offer the painterly textures of vitiligo or freckling, the ethereality of albinism, or the luxuriant baroque curves of plus sizes. It's still all about selling clothes, of course, but the industry is finding that intimidating people into conforming is less effective than inspiring them to let their individuality shine.

Director Biography 
Deyan Parouchev is a Bulgarian photographer and cinematographer whose work for companies such as Google, McDonald's, and L'Oreal has been shown all over the world. After a 15-year-long career in the advertising industry, Timeless Beauty is his documentary feature debut.

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  • Director: Deyan Parouchev
  • Principal Cast: Catherine Loewe, Liu Xiaoqing, Yazemeenah Rossi, Jan de Villeneuve, Philippe Dumas
  • Premiere Status: North American Premiere
  • Country: France, China
  • Year: 2018
  • Running Time: 85 minutes
  • Producer: Quan Zhongyu
  • Screenplay: Deyan Parouchev
  • Cinematographers: Deyan Parouchev
  • Editors: Alberto Yordanov
  • Music: Kalin Nikolov
  • Website: Official Film Website
  • Filmography: Debut Feature Film
  • Language: French, English, Chinese
  • Has Subtitles: Yes
  • Format: DCP
  • International Sales: Media Luna New Films UG