WebFest at Shoreline

WebFest at Shoreline

2018 | 74 minutes

SIFF launches its new Episodic Content category with this exciting, diverse collection of outstanding new pilots and webisodes. Ranging from absurdist comedies to surprising dramas, this collection captures the excitement of this flourishing new format.

  • Year: 2018
  • Running Time: 74 minutes
  • Has Subtitles: Yes
  • Format: DCP

Packaged Films


Argentina | 2017 | 11 minutes | Jazmin Stuart

Ramon, a mediocre worker with an even more mediocre salary, watches his whole life crumble when his rent increases.

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Arun Considers

USA | 2017 | 2 minutes | Dave Dorsey, Jordan Ledy

Arun thinks too much. These are the things that he decided not to say out loud.

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The Big Nothing

Australia | 2018 | 8 minutes | Lucy Campbell, Pete Ninos

Detective Lennox is sent to investigate a murder on an isolated mining outpost near Saturn.

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Other People's Children

USA | 2017 | 6 minutes | Brad Riddell, Anna Hozian

A new second grade teacher endures the worst parent/teacher conferences ever.

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USA | 2017 | 11 minutes | Alexander Etseyatse

A mentally unstable young man struggles to win his old life back.

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The Passage

USA | 2017 | 22 minutes | Kitao Sakurai

Phil is forced to go on the run in order to keep one step ahead of a pagan cult.

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Strowlers: Pilot

USA | 2017 | 12 minutes | Ben Dobyns, L. Gabriel Gonda

In a world where magic is real and regulated by the government, everyone with talent must either register or run.

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USA | 2018 | 15 minutes | Milena Govich

A young woman’s only chance to avoid ruin is to claim to be a girl who disappeared years ago.

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