Alaska Airlines Shorts

Alaska Airlines Shorts

SIFF presents the Alaska Airlines SIFF Channel, an inflight viewing option that showcases an astounding selection of short films from past festivals.


Bad Faith

d. Marina Pauné, Elena Pauné, Eva Pauné | Spain | 2019 | 19 min

A family spending their holidays at the Costa Brava have their lives disrupted when an act of kindness results in a little tragedy.

Whatever It Takes

d. Pierre Amstutz Roch | France | 16 min

When Stéphane loses his job overnight, he is ready to do anything to find a new job, even if it means killing his main rival!


d. Laura Smet | France | 13 min

Anne's coffee machine breaks down. Little did she know that this minor event was going to turn her life upside down.


d. Delphine Corrard | France | 20 min

On the evening of Halloween Stanley persuade his friend Mickey to enter their elementary school, convinced that the custodian is hiding a monster.

The Damsels

d. Christophe Deroo | France | 8 min

80-year-old Laurenne's quite, slightly depressed life in a retirement home is suddenly turned around when she meets the new nurse, Sylvie.

The Counselor

d. Guy Bauer | USA | 2017 | 11 min

At a crisis center in late 1971, a freshly minted counselor on the late shift takes his first call.

Through the Haze

d. Kieran Wheeler | Australia | 2017 | 11 min

When a hazing ritual at a construction site goes horribly wrong, things quickly spiral out of control.

The Devil Needs a Fix

d. Ian Ebright | USA | 2017 | 10 min

A reporter's interview with the devil will be his big break - if everything goes as planned.

We the Economy: City on the Rise

d. Albert Hughes | USA | 9 min

How does a great American city like Detroit bounce back from the loss of well-paid manufacturing jobs?

We the Economy: Made by China in America

d. Miao Wang | USA | 9 min

Despite being portrayed as America's greatest economic competitor, is it possible China could be a key ally in U.S. economic development?


The Call of Cthulhu

d. Andrew Leman | USA | 2005 | 47 min

H.P. Lovecraft's horror tale receive an impressively faithful, faux-silent film treatment as a young man discovers the secrets of an evil secret cult.

Gordon & Paddy

d. Linda Hambäck | Sweden | 2017 | 65 min

Police chief Gordon is about to retire and he needs to find a new assistant. Is Paddy-a clever mouse with a great sense of smell-the right candidate?

Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror

d. F.W. Murnau | Germany | 1922 | 92 min

F. W. Murnau's classic silent film adaptation of Dracula is one of cinema's most influential films and a chilling expressionistic nightmare.


The Great Rabbit

d. Atsushi Wada | Japan | 2012 | 7 min

Once we called the noble, profound and mysterious existence The Great-from acclaimed Japanese filmmaker Atsushi Wada and winner of the prestigious Berlin Silver Bear Award.

The Nanny

d. Max Miller | France | 12 min

Nancy guides her charge, Sophie, through a day of games and toys whilst distancing themselves from Sophie's parents as she waits to reveal a surprising secret.

Oh Merde!

d. Aliocha Itovitch, Guillaume Ducreux | Australia | 8 min

A man has to go to a job interview, until Fate decides otherwise. Maybe he will find another way there?


d. Léo Konnerth | France | 12 min

In the midst of winter, a young Innu escapes the drudgery of his daily life, journeying to the middle of a frozen lake to break free from his life's emptiness and his anxiety.

Shot Fired

d. Pierre André Gilard | Canada | 8 min

At the end of a busy lunch shift, a father reminisces to his son about the past.

The Inksect

d. Pablo Calvillo | Mexico | 2016 | 9 min

In NYC, an underground group of exiles risk their lives to save the last books from being destroyed.

Cats Cradle

d. Jonathan Napolitano | USA | 2018 | 12 min

Shortly after retiring, Bruce and Terry Jenkins transformed their home into a hospice and senior living facility for cats.

Dear Henri,

d. Matthew Sandager | USA | 2017 | 13 min

An imaginative young girl searches for ways to communicate with her grandfather after he's gone.

We the Economy: The Unbelievably Sweet Alpacas!

d. Adam McKay | USA | 6 min

In a magical land inhabited by Alpacas who love rainbows and friendship, there's a divide in wealth distribution ... what's behind the inequality gap?

We the Economy: Taxation Nation

d. Jessica Yu | USA | 5 min

With retro flair, the cartoon "Taxation Nation" looks into how our tax system does - and doesn't - work.


Gordon & Paddy

d. Linda Hambäck | Sweden | 2017 | 65 min

Police chief Gordon is about to retire and he needs to find a new assistant. Is Paddy-a clever mouse with a great sense of smell-the right candidate?

Jacob, Mimmi and the Talking Dogs

d. Edmunds Jansons | Latvia | 2019 | 70 min

Will an imaginative boy, his know-it-all girl cousin and a pack of talking dogs save their romantic neighborhood from unwelcome change?


d. Edgar G. Ulmer | USA | 1945 | 68 min

Two-bit drifter Al Roberts takes on a dead bookie's identity but his plans are threatened by a beautiful hitchhiker in this Film Noir classic.