Alaska Airlines Shorts April 19 May 19

Looking for the title of a short film you saw on an Alaska flight?

April 2019

Cross My Heart

d. Sontenish Myers | USA | 2017 | 14 min

An American teen visits her family in Jamaica and uncovers a secret that changes the way she sees the people she loves.

I See Through You

d. Lael Rogers | USA | 2018 | 5 min

A dreamy, musical landscape hides mysterious secrets beneath the surface.


d. Shaandiin Tome | USA | 2017 | 10 min

On her last day, Ruby faces the inescapable remnants of alcoholism, family, and culture.


d. Dani Johnson | USA | 2018 | 7 min

A young girl growing up in East Texas struggles to maintain her innocence as she watches her parent's marriage fall apart.


d. Lacey Leavitt | USA | 2016 | 13 min

Returning to her family home on Orcas Island, broken-hearted Seattleite Rebecca braces herself for a barrage of questions from her mom and sister.

Little Seed

d. Chaïtane Conversat | France | 2015 | 10 min

A little girl catches floral patterns with a magic cloth and uses them to make her own pretty dresses.

Keep It Light

d. Malika Pellicioli | Switzerland | 2019 | 20 min

When Beibhinn, a young American woman, meets Côme during her trip to Switzerland, it's love at first sight.


d. Sacha Ferbus, Jeremy Puffet | Belgium | 2017 | 13 min

When management institutes a new policy at the supermarket where he works, it creates an ethical conflict for Stephan.

We the Economy: The Foreign Aid Paradox

d. Rachel Grady, Heidi Ewing | USA | 9 min

How does providing foreign aid like food to a country such as Haiti affect both American interests as well as the recipient's own markets?

We the Economy: Taxation Nation

d. Jessica Yu | USA | 5 min

With retro flair, the cartoon "Taxation Nation" looks into how our tax system does - and doesn't - work.



d. Megan Griffiths | USA | 2018 | 96 min

13-year-old Sadie, the troubled daughter of a soldier serving overseas, resorts to extreme measures when her mother begins dating another man.

The Hitch-Hiker

d. Ida Lupino | USA | 1953 | 71 min

In Ida Lupino's classic crime thriller, two buddies on a fishing trip are hijacked by a nomadic killer-the only American noir directed by a woman.

May 2019


d. Sudeshna Sen | USA | 2017 | 4 min

At an Indian bridal shower, two young girls pass a secret designed to alter their lives forever.


d. Joseba Alfaro | Spain | 2017 | 7 min

What if you could come back as somebody else?


d. Joseba Alfaro | Spain | 2013 | 10 min

Have you ever shared a dream with someone else?


d. Ben Dobyns, L. Gabriel Gonda | USA | 2018 | 12 min

In a world where magic is real and regulated by the government, everyone with talent must either register or run.

An Afternoon at Oyster Bay

d. Jon Behrens | USA | 2018 | 5 min

Strong colors over found footage, often split and mirrored on the diagonal, with a soundtrack that puts you at ease like on a beachside vacation.


d. Julien Aveque, Victor Hérault | France | 8 min

Dr. Paul Chanouis likes to have a little fun with his patients, except one.


d. Victor Viyuoh | Cameroon | 2018 | 9 min

12-year-old Napo is afraid to talk to Becky on the playground but after some friendly encouragement, he makes a decision that will change his life.


d. Sergi Lara | Spain | 2017 | 21 min

When a sheep appears on his doorstep one day, Ramon decides to take a trip around the countryside to find its owner.

We the Economy: The Unbelievably Sweet Alpacas!

d. Adam McKay | USA | 6 min

In a magical land inhabited by Alpacas who love rainbows and friendship, there's a divide in wealth distribution ... what's behind the inequality gap?

We the Economy: Cave-O-Nomics

d. Morgan Spurlock | USA | 5 min

Meet Ugg, Glugg and Tugg, three enterprising cave men who accidentally invented trade, marketing and the base elements of the modern market economy.


The Most Dangerous Year

d. Vlada Knowlton | USA | 2018 | 90 min

Two years ago, Washington families with transgender children banded together with activists to fight against a wave of anti-trans rights legislation.