Alaska Airlines Shorts Aug Sept 18

Looking for the title of a short film you saw on an Alaska flight?

Above America
d. Harrison Sanborn | USA | 3 min

A nostalgic and epic flight across the deserts, mountains and cities of America during the 1980's.


d. Drea Cooper, Zackary Canepari | USA | 10 min

What does synchronized swimming have to do with medical marijuana? Both of them vastly improve the life of Margo Bouer, an Aquadette.


d. Nate Theis | USA | 4 min

A satirical look at people in their cars. With explosions.

This Was My Son (Emmett Till)

d. Rob Underhill | USA | 8 min

Mike Wiley channels the Civil Rights heroine, Mamie Till, in a reenactment of 1950s interviews.

Offline Dating

d. Samuel Abrahams | United Kingdom | 6 min

Newly single Tom is challenged by a friend to find his next date IRL.


d. Sean Slobodan, James Winegar | Australia | 6 min

Pushed onto a wave when she was only 4, Quincy took to surfing like a fish takes to water.


d. Lee Filipovski | Serbia, Montenegro, Canada | 24 min

As they're packing to start a new life in Canada, a Serbian couple has to figure out what to do with their young daughter's new fluffy friend.

We the Economy: Globalization...Who Cares?...You Do

d. Bob Balaban | USA | 8 min

Seven experts and a troupe of comedic actors break down what it means to have a globalized economy and whether it is good for us.

We the Economy: The Foreign Aid Paradox

d. Rachel Grady, Heidi Ewing | USA | 9 min

How does providing foreign aid like food to a country such as Haiti affect both American interests as well as the recipient's own markets?


d. Aneesh Chaganty | USA | 2 min

Told via the technology devices we use every day, a man must trace his missing daughter's digital footprints before she disappears forever.

Feature Presentation

Big Sonia
d. Leah Warshawski, Todd Soliday | USA | 2016 | 90 min
A laugh-out-loud-funny portrait of the power of love to triumph over bigotry, this poignant story shows the power of truth-telling to heal us all.

Finding Hillywood

d. Leah Warshawski, Chris Towey | USA, Rwanda | 57 min

Hillywood, the Rwandan film industry, is given the spotlight in this affectionate portrait.

The Geneva Convention

d. Benoit Martin | France | 15 min

A group of teenagers discuss the rules of engagement before a fight; a young woman then steps up to broker peace.

The Lives of Lenny Wilson

d. Aurélien Vernhes-Lermusiaux | France | 26 min

After a casting call Boris runs into his old flame, Julia. Together they must own up to the past they'd tried so hard to run away from.

Analogue Love

d. Stuart Drennan | United Kingdom | 8 min

Maggie loves her TV. And it loves her.

Winner Takes Steve

d. Jared Hess | USA | 3 min

Who gets to be Steve? A footrace to decide.

Honor the Treaties

d. Eric Becker | USA | 12 min

A portrait of photographer Aaron Huey╩╝s powerful advocacy work for Native American rights on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Frankie Rulez!!!

d. San Charoenchai | USA | 5 min

A narcissistic space alien attempts to claim a series of planets through the dogged use of flags.

The Lottery

d. Shahir Daud | USA | 9 min

While waiting to board his plane so that he can immigrate to America, Augusto Ramirez recalls the three biggest regrets in his life.

Sign Language

d. Oscar Sharp | United Kingdom | 5 min

Some people see signs everywhere, some people carry them.

We the Economy: Cave-O-Nomics

d. Morgan Spurlock | USA | 5 min

Meet Ugg, Glugg and Tugg, three enterprising cave men who accidentally invented trade, marketing and the base elements of the modern market economy.

We the Economy: GDP Smackdown

d. Chris Henchy | USA | 6 min

Watch and cheer as two economists square off in a testosterone-fueled battle in the professional wrestling ring over how to measure the economy.

Feature Presentation

Finding Hillywood

d. Leah Warshawski, Chris Towey | USA, Rwanda | 57 min

Hillywood, the Rwandan film industry, is given the spotlight in this affectionate portrait.