Alaska Airlines Shorts Oct 19 Nov 19

Looking for the title of a short film you saw on an Alaska flight?


Bad Faith

d. Marina Pauné, Elena Pauné, Eva Pauné | Spain | 2019 | 19 min

A family spending their holidays at the Costa Brava have their lives disrupted when an act of kindness results in a little tragedy.

Whatever It Takes

d. Pierre Amstutz Roch | France | 16 min

When Stéphane loses his job overnight, he is ready to do anything to find a new job, even if it means killing his main rival!


d. Laura Smet | France | 13 min

Anne's coffee machine breaks down. Little did she know that this minor event was going to turn her life upside down.


d. Delphine Corrard | France | 20 min

On the evening of Halloween Stanley persuade his friend Mickey to enter their elementary school, convinced that the custodian is hiding a monster.

The Damsels

d. Christophe Deroo | France | 8 min

80-year-old Laurenne's quite, slightly depressed life in a retirement home is suddenly turned around when she meets the new nurse, Sylvie.

The Counselor

d. Guy Bauer | USA | 2017 | 11 min

At a crisis center in late 1971, a freshly minted counselor on the late shift takes his first call.

Through the Haze

d. Kieran Wheeler | Australia | 2017 | 11 min

When a hazing ritual at a construction site goes horribly wrong, things quickly spiral out of control.

The Devil Needs a Fix

d. Ian Ebright | USA | 2017 | 10 min

A reporter's interview with the devil will be his big break - if everything goes as planned.

We the Economy: City on the Rise

d. Albert Hughes | USA | 9 min

How does a great American city like Detroit bounce back from the loss of well-paid manufacturing jobs?

We the Economy: Made by China in America

d. Miao Wang | USA | 9 min

Despite being portrayed as America's greatest economic competitor, is it possible China could be a key ally in U.S. economic development?


The Call of Cthulhu

d. Andrew Leman | USA | 2005 | 47 min

H.P. Lovecraft's horror tale receive an impressively faithful, faux-silent film treatment as a young man discovers the secrets of an evil secret cult.

Gordon & Paddy

d. Linda Hambäck | Sweden | 2017 | 65 min

Police chief Gordon is about to retire and he needs to find a new assistant. Is Paddy-a clever mouse with a great sense of smell-the right candidate?

Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror

d. F.W. Murnau | Germany | 1922 | 92 min

F. W. Murnau's classic silent film adaptation of Dracula is one of cinema's most influential films and a chilling expressionistic nightmare.


The Great Rabbit

d. Atsushi Wada | Japan | 2012 | 7 min

Once we called the noble, profound and mysterious existence The Great-from acclaimed Japanese filmmaker Atsushi Wada and winner of the prestigious Berlin Silver Bear Award.

The Nanny

d. Max Miller | France | 12 min

Nancy guides her charge, Sophie, through a day of games and toys whilst distancing themselves from Sophie's parents as she waits to reveal a surprising secret.

Oh Merde!

d. Aliocha Itovitch, Guillaume Ducreux | Australia | 8 min

A man has to go to a job interview, until Fate decides otherwise. Maybe he will find another way there?


d. Léo Konnerth | France | 12 min

In the midst of winter, a young Innu escapes the drudgery of his daily life, journeying to the middle of a frozen lake to break free from his life's emptiness and his anxiety.

Shot Fired

d. Pierre André Gilard | Canada | 8 min

At the end of a busy lunch shift, a father reminisces to his son about the past.

The Inksect

d. Pablo Calvillo | Mexico | 2016 | 9 min

In NYC, an underground group of exiles risk their lives to save the last books from being destroyed.

Cats Cradle

d. Jonathan Napolitano | USA | 2018 | 12 min

Shortly after retiring, Bruce and Terry Jenkins transformed their home into a hospice and senior living facility for cats.

Dear Henri,

d. Matthew Sandager | USA | 2017 | 13 min

An imaginative young girl searches for ways to communicate with her grandfather after he's gone.

We the Economy: The Unbelievably Sweet Alpacas!

d. Adam McKay | USA | 6 min

In a magical land inhabited by Alpacas who love rainbows and friendship, there's a divide in wealth distribution ... what's behind the inequality gap?

We the Economy: Taxation Nation

d. Jessica Yu | USA | 5 min

With retro flair, the cartoon "Taxation Nation" looks into how our tax system does - and doesn't - work.


Gordon & Paddy

d. Linda Hambäck | Sweden | 2017 | 65 min

Police chief Gordon is about to retire and he needs to find a new assistant. Is Paddy-a clever mouse with a great sense of smell-the right candidate?

Jacob, Mimmi and the Talking Dogs

d. Edmunds Jansons | Latvia | 2019 | 70 min

Will an imaginative boy, his know-it-all girl cousin and a pack of talking dogs save their romantic neighborhood from unwelcome change?


d. Edgar G. Ulmer | USA | 1945 | 68 min

Two-bit drifter Al Roberts takes on a dead bookie's identity but his plans are threatened by a beautiful hitchhiker in this Film Noir classic.