Fashion Reimagined

Fashion Reimagined

United Kingdom | 2022 | 100 min. | Becky Hutner

October 9, 2022


Trailblazing fashion designer Amy Powney sets off on a global mission to create a sustainable collection and transform the way we engage with fashion.

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Mother of Pearl designer Amy Powney has always felt out of place in the fashion world. Raised off-the-grid by environmental activists on a remote, eco-friendly homestead, her upbringing instilled in her an uneasy attitude toward the environmental impact of her industry. When Powney wins the coveted Vogue award for Best Young Designer of the Year in 2017, she decides to use the cash prize to create a collection that is ethical and sustainable at every point along the supply chain, from fiber to finished garment. First-time feature director Becky Hutner joins Powney on her three year quest as they uncover the incredible waste and mind-boggling complexity of the global fashion supply chain at every turn. Traveling from bucolic Uruguayan sheep pastures to steam-powered Austrian garment factories, they blaze a new trail towards true sustainability, clearing a path for much bigger, societal change.

  • Director: Becky Hutner
  • Principal Cast: Amy Powney, Chloe Marks
  • Country: United Kingdom, USA
  • Year: 2022
  • Running Time: 100 min.
  • Producer: Becky Hutner, Lindsay Lowe, Andrea van Beuren
  • Cinematographers: Daniel Götz
  • Editors: Sam Rogers, Becky Hutner
  • Music: Phil France
  • Filmography: Debut Feature Film
  • Language: English
  • International Sales: MetFilm Sales