The Conductor

The Conductor

USA | 2021 | 90 min. | Bernadette Wegenstein

February 11 - 13, 2022

Leonard Bernstein's protege Marin Alsop reveals how she smashed the glass ceiling to become an internationally renowned conductor.

Born into a musical family in New York, Marin Alsop set her sights on becoming a conductor at just nine years old while accompanying her father to one of Leonard Bernstein’s Young People’s concerts. Her journey to professional success was neither easy nor straightforward, however at a time when, according to NYT reporter Michael Cooper, “it was easier for a female to become a leader of a G5 nation or a Five Star General than to become a conductor of a major symphony.” Despite being told “girls can’t do that” and being repeatedly rejected by the establishment of classical music,” Marin Alsop persisted and never let go of her dream of becoming a conductor. And now, as she says, “Look at me, I’m doing it!”

  • Director: Bernadette Wegenstein
  • Principal Cast: Marin Alsop
  • Country: USA
  • Year: 2021
  • Running Time: 90 min.
  • Producer: Annete Porter
  • Screenplay: Stefan Fauland, Bernadette Wegenstein
  • Cinematographers: Shana Hagan
  • US Distributor: Cargo Film and Releasing