Easy Living

Teenage boy running with ocean in the background

Italy | 2019 | 92 min. | Orso Miyakawa, Peter Miyakawa

January 7 - 20, 2022

Tales of Europe

Easy Living is a melancholic coming of age comedy, in which the dramatic, contemporary reality of the migrants is filtered through the eyes of a kid and turned into an adventure.

A fourteen-year-old kid, a young woman who smuggles medicine, and a bizarre American tennis teacher who dreams of being a painter find their lives upended when they come across an undocumented migrant. Together, they hatch an absurd plan to help him sneak across the border.

  • Director: Orso Miyakawa, Peter Miyakawa
  • Principal Cast: Manoel Hudec, Camilla Semino Favro, James Miyakawa
  • Country: Italy
  • Year: 2019
  • Running Time: 92 min.
  • Producer: Antonio Miyakawa, Francesco Melzi d'Eril, Stella Savino
  • Screenplay: Orso Miyakawa, Peter Miyakawa
  • Language: English, French, Italian