France | 2020 | 72 min. | Aurel

Now Playing - Dec 16, 2021

A dying gendarme recalls his encounter with the Catalan artist Josep Bartolí in a French concentration camp after the Spanish Civil War in this Cesar award-winning animated feature.

February 1939. Spanish republicans are fleeing Franco’s dictatorship to France. The French government has built a concentration camp, confining the refugees, where they barely have access to hygiene, water and food. In one of these camps, separated by barbed wire, two men will become friends. One is a guard, the other is Josep Bartoli (Barcelona 1910 - NYC 1995), an illustrator who fights against Franco’s regime.

  • Director: Aurel
  • Principal Cast: Voices of: Sergi López, Valérie Lemercier. David Marsais, Gerard Hernandez
  • Country: France, Spain, Belgium
  • Year: 2020
  • Running Time: 72 min.
  • Producer: Serge Lalou
  • Screenplay: Jean-Louis Milesi
  • Editors: Thomas Belair
  • Music: Silvia Pérez Cruz
  • Language: French, Catalan, Spanish, English