Striding Into the Wind

Male character sitting atop Jeep with mountain in background

China | 2020 | 134 min. | Shujun Wei

February 25 - March 24, 2022

An aimless film school student goes on an ambling road trip across China in a rickety old Jeep in this charming, deeply personal road movie.

Film school student Kun graduates into a real-world that moves too fast to care about his auteur aspirations and sound recording skills. Yearning for an escape away from Beijing’s grinding survival races, he sets off for a film shoot in Inner Mongolia’s lush grasslands, where amusing man-made spectacles and unforgettable lessons await him. With three Cannes official selections under his belt at the age of 30, writer-director Wei Shujun is an unstoppable force rising from the Chinese indie film scene. In the feature inspired by his real-life experience, he leisurely delivers sharp observations of the embarrassments surrounding film education and indie filmmaking in a money-oriented society with witty humor.

  • Director: Shujun Wei
  • Principal Cast: You Zhou, Xiaomu Wang, Ying Chen Zheng
  • Country: China
  • Year: 2020
  • Running Time: 134 min.
  • Screenplay: Gao Linyang, Shujun Wei
  • Cinematographers: Wang Jiehong
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Has Subtitles: Yes