Summer Rebels

Young boy pushing girl in shopping cart in a parking lot on a bright summer day

Germany | 2020 | 92 min. | Martina Saková

Opens March 18, 2022

Tales of Europe

Young Jonas wants to visit his cool grandpa for a summer of fun on the river, but his mom has other plans.

In this family comedy-adventure, Jonas is excited to explore the Slovakian countryside with his grandpa but his grandpa has become sad and uninterested in having fun. Lonely and disappointed, Jonas befriends the adventurous neighbor girl and together they create a scheme to raise money, unleashing a series of summertime shenanigans.

  • Original Language Title: Sommer-Rebellen / Letni rebeli
  • Director: Martina Saková
  • Principal Cast: Eliáš Vyskočil, Pavel Nový, Liana Pavlíková
  • Country: Germany, Slovak Republic
  • Year: 2020
  • Running Time: 92 min.
  • Screenplay: Martina Saková, Sülke Schulz