Harmontown Podcast Live

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USA | 221 Minutes

September 27, 2014

Dan Harmon and the Harmontown crew in person!

Join Dan Harmon and "Harmontown" regulars–including Erin McGathy, Dungeon Master Spencer Crittendon, and guest comptroller Dino Stamatopoulos (Star-Burns!)–for their first Seattle episode, and a sneak preview screening of Harmontown the documentary, which chronicles their calamitous cross-country tour.

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You never know what will happen when "Community" and "Rick and Morty" creator Dan Harmon takes the stage, because he doesn’t know, either. Each episode of the live podcast "Harmontown" is a free-association melange of jokes, deep thoughts, and the most bizarre (and possibly obscene) game of Dungeons & Dragons ever played.

Before the podcast, we have the Seattle premiere of Harmontown (the movie!). Sometimes, getting fired results in amazing opportunities. In the case of Dan Harmon, his dismissal from the beloved TV series he created, “Community”, resulted in him taking his fan-favorite podcast on the road. With friends and filmmaker Neil Berkeley (Beauty is Embarrassing) in tow, the result is a boozy journey filled with comedy, philosophy, and an unexpected hero’s journey.

Harmontown (the movie) returns for a feature film run at the SIFF Film Center starting October 17.