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Spain | 2015 | 108 minutes | Cesc Gay

June 19, 2016

SIFF Cinema Uptown | Best of SIFF 2016
A wise and tender ode to friendship of man and dog, two middle-aged men reunite in Madrid and spend four days taking unexpected detours, reflecting on loves, losses, triumphs, and regrets. Winner of five Goya Awards including Best Picture.

Thoughtful and reserved, family man Tomas (Javier Cámara, Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed) takes a break from his life in Canada to travel to Madrid. It's not a completely happy vacation, however, as he's there to spend a few days with his lifelong best friend Julian (Ricardo Darín, The Secret in Their Eyes), an actor whose messy, complicated life has taken a darker turn in the form of a grim cancer prognosis. With Julian's beloved dog Truman in tow and four days to spend together, the pair travel through the city, taking unexpected detours and reflecting on loves, losses, triumphs, and regrets. Winner of five Goya Awards including Best Picture, Director, Actor, and Supporting Actor, writer/director Cesc Gay's beautiful new film is a wise and tender ode to friendship, emotionally rich and honest. Supported by a terrific turn by Dolores Fonzi as Julian's deeply concerned sister, Truman is like a warm afternoon spent with old friends.

Director Biography
Born in Barcelona in 1967, Cesc Gay is a Spanish director and screenwriter who studied film in Barcelona and New York. He co-directed his first feature, Hotel Room (1998), with Daniel Gimelberg. Truman was an official selection at San Sebastian, where it won the Silver Shell, and won five Goya awards, including Best Film and Director.

  • Director: Cesc Gay
  • Principal Cast: Ricardo Darín, Javier Cámara, Dolores Fonzi
  • Country: Spain, Argentina
  • Year: 2015
  • Running Time: 108 minutes
  • Website: Official Film Website
  • Awards: Goya Awards 2016 (Best Film, Director, Actor, Supporting Actor, Original Screenplay), San Sebastien International Film Festival 2015 (Silver Shell for Best Actor, Zinemaldia Feroz Award for Best Film)
  • Filmography: A Gun in Each Hand (2012); V.O.S. (2009); Fiction (2006); In the City (2003); Nico and Dani (2000); Hotel Room (1998)
  • Language: Spanish
  • Format: DCP