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Israel | 2015 | 120 Minutes | Avishai Sivan

July 22 - 28, 2016

SIFF Film Center | Exclusive Presentation
A young Israeli ultra-Orthodox man experiences a crisis of faith in this formally daring, Kafkaesque black-and-white psychological drama that draws on the cinematic style of early David Lynch mixed with the nightmarishness of spirituality’s darker side found in Aronofsky's π.

Haim-Aaron is an ultra-Orthodox religious scholar from Jerusalem who, following a self-imposed fast, collapses and loses consciousness. The paramedics announce his death, but his father, refusing to let him go, brings him back to life. But after the accident, Haim-Aaron suddenly feels a strange awakening in his body and suspects that God is testing him. When his father notices these changes in his son's behavior, he fears that he has crossed God's will.

"At first, Tikkun is a quiet, sensitive portrait of a young Israeli rabbinical student struggling with his beliefs, and then a talking reptile bursts out of the toilet....A fascinating and at times morbidly unsettling odyssey [that] gradually shifts from tender to grotesque, and its depiction of a young man struggling against repressive forces evolves into a form of psychological horror." – Eric Kohn, Indiwire

"An arresting wide-screen black-and-white blend of fable and nightmare, with overtones of David Lynch and Franz Kafka...[that] employs fanciful imagery in dark but often funny ways, without abandoning empathy" - A.O. Scott, New York Times

  • Director: Avishai Sivan
  • Principal Cast: Aharon Traitel, Khalifa Natour, Riki Blich, Gur Sheinberg, Omri Fuhrer, Shani Ben Haim
  • Country: Israel
  • Year: 2015
  • Running Time: 120 Minutes
  • Language: Hebrew