Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters

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USA | 2011 | 93 Minutes | Adam Cornelius

July 12, 2013

Follow champion Tetris masters as they reveal their secrets, recount their decades-long obsession, and enter the transcendental state required to reach the highest levels known as the 'Ecstasy of Order'.

Tetris. We've all played it, rotating the pieces and dropping them in the perfect place, or despairing as we discover a piece won't fit. You may have even joked about 'mastering' the game. But what about the people who've truly mastered Tetris? Where are the Kasparovs and Fischers, the great champions who've dedicated their minds to solving its deepest puzzles? This delightful documentary tracks down just such a group of record-holding Tetris masters as they prepare to compete in the 2010 Classic Tetris World Championship.

Presented by The Seattle Retro Gaming Expo. SRGE takes place July 13 & 14 at the Northwest Rooms in Seattle Center, and features panels, a full vendor hall, and a Freeplay Room fearing thousands of console games and complete collections of Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 games.

  • Director: Adam Cornelius
  • Country: USA
  • Year: 2011
  • Running Time: 93 Minutes
  • Website: Ecstacy of Order Website
  • Language: English