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USA | 2013 | 85 Minutes | Jeremy Seifert

September 27 - October 3, 2013

This eye-opening documentary investigates the systematic corporate takeover of one of our most precious artifacts: seeds. Opening night: Q&A with Pamm Larry, California Grassroots Leader & Initial Instigator of Prop 37.

Director Jeremy Seifert struggles to have his family live and eat without participating in an unhealthy, unjust, and destructive food system. The loss of seed diversity and corresponding laboratory assisted genetic alteration of food affects his young children, the health of our planet, and freedom of choice everywhere. The fears of unknown health and environmental risks, chemical toxins, and the modern food monopoly meets with the light of a growing global movement to take back what we have lost.

"Combines the folksy charm of The Real Dirt on Farmer John and the frightening facts of Food, Inc." - Alissa Simon, Variety