Young Frankenstein

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USA | 1974 | 106 Minutes | Mel Brooks

April 14, 2014

“Life! Do you hear me? Give my creation…life!" Mel Brooks' 1974 comedy masterpiece returns for a special Science on Screen presentation, introduced by UW Biology Professor Thomas Daniel.

We're hooking up the electrodes and cranking the voltage for this inspired parody of 1903s Universal horror classics, filmed in gorgeous black and white. Gene Wilder stars as the descendant of Dr. You-Know-Who (hint: it's pronounced "Fronkensteen"), who discovers in his ancestor's journal the secrets to life and, with the help of a salvaged corpse and a purloined brain, creates a new kind of monster–one who sings a mean rendition of "Puttin' on the Ritz". The film features one of the greatest comedic casts ever assembled, including Teri Garr as voluptuous lab assistant Inga, Marty Feldman as pop-eyed hunchback Igor, Cloris Leachman as fearsome housekeeper Frau Blücher (cue horse whinny), and Madeline Kahn as Frederick’s high-strung fiancée, who finds sweet mystery in unexpected quarters.

Before the film, we feature a lively presentation from UW Professor Thomas Daniel, a Biologist who specializes in neurobiology, behavior, biomechanics, and addressing questions about the physics, engineering and neural control of movement in biological systems. You know…brainy stuff.

  • Director: Mel Brooks
  • Principal Cast: Gene Wilder, Peter Boyle, Madeline Kahn, Marty Feldman, Cloris Leachman, Teri Garr
  • Country: USA
  • Year: 1974
  • Running Time: 106 Minutes
  • Language: English, German