Evergreen: The Road to Legalization

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USA | 2013 | 86 minutes | Riley Morton

June 27 - July 3, 2014

Exclusive Engagement | In 2012, Washington voters made a historical decision to legalize marijuana. This timely and thrilling account of story behind I-502 features insight from major players behind the initiative, including CLU activist Alison Holcomb, travel writer Rick Steves, and politician Pete Holmes. Filmmakers and Special Guests in person June 27 & 28.

Ticketholders to any screening are invited to a special filmmaker party at PDA Lounge on Friday, June 27. Click here for flyer.

Initiative 502 made Washington the first American state to legalize possession of recreational marijuana. Documentary filmmaker Riley Morton dives deep into the 2012 election season, capturing this historic campaign by journeying inside both proponent and opponent camps – from initial grassroots fundraising efforts, to tense exchanges and conflict-filled campaign stops, to the historic vote by Washington citizens that effectively ended 75 years of cannabis prohibition. The rippling effect of these pivotal decisions on American drug policy continues to break ground in states across the nation.

"Journalistic objectivity enables the movie to illustrate a fascinating truism about human behavior: People on opposite sides of an issue often favor the all-or-nothing hardline over true compromise." – CityArts

"A fascinating, extraordinarily well-researched and executed documentary." – Brandon Harris, Filmmaker Magazine

"Captures a crucial moment in the future of marijuana activism – a prologue to the next chapters of marijuana legislation… setting the stage for the discussion of federal legalization." – Eric Kohn, Indiewire

  • Director: Riley Morton
  • Principal Cast: Rick Steves, Alison Holcomb, Pete Holmes, Vivian McPeak, Doug Hiatt
  • Country: USA
  • Year: 2013
  • Running Time: 86 minutes
  • Website: http://www.evergreendocumentary.com
  • Format: DCP