VHS Night: Heavenly Bodies

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USA | 1984 | 180 Minutes | Lawrence Dane

August 27, 2014

Curated by Seattle filmmakers Megan Griffiths and Lacey Leavitt, VHS Night features craptastic films the way they were meant to be seen: via used VHS tapes played through a shoddy old VCR. This time, we get fit with the ultimate aerobics movie, Heavenly Bodies.

All seats only $7.00

It's the pinnacle of fitness, combining form, skill, and ability with cheesy synth pop. Yes, we're talking about Aerobic Exercise! For VHS Night we celebrate all that the 80s fitness craze had to offer with Heavenly Bodies, the Flashdance-meets-Jazzercize “drama” co-produced by Playboy and featuring lots of spandex-covered thrusting pelvises. The plot follows the spunky owner of a neighborhood health club as she takes on a mega-gym that wants to control all aerobic routines for all eternity. It ends in the ultimate showdown: a televised aerobics-off to the death!*

Then stick around for a secret second feature, also featuring aerobics, 80s fashion, and, this time, some bona-fide movie stars!

*Okay, that’s not true - but it gets pretty intense for a minute, there.

  • Director: Lawrence Dane
  • Principal Cast: Cynthia Dale, Richard Rebiere, Walter George Alton, Laura Henry
  • Country: USA
  • Year: 1984
  • Running Time: 180 Minutes
  • Format: VHS