Bobcat Goldthwait in person

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200 minutes

June 26, 2014

Willow Creek and World's Greatest Dad

Comedian and director Bobcat Goldthwait joins us along with members of the cast of his new bigfoot horror film Willow Creek for a screening and Q&A, followed by his shot-in-Seattle black comedy World's Greatest Dad, starring Robin Williams.

The legendary comedian Bobcat Goldthwait has elegantly shifted gears to become one of our favorite, and most controversial, film directors. He joins us in person with two of his modern, transgressive classics.

Willow Creek

Sasquatch-hunters Jim and Kelly journey to the town of Willow Creek, a tourist trap built around Sasquatch gimmickry, complete with wood sculptures, comic murals, "Bigfoot Burgers," and even a Sasquatch-obsessed singer-songwriter. But when the couple leaves this charming hamlet behind to venture into the surrounding forest, they uncover terrifying evidence that may finally prove the creature's existence.

Screening followed by Q&A with Bobcat Goldthwait and Cast.

USA | 2013 | 80 Minutes
Director: Bobcat Goldthwait
Principal Cast: Bryce Johnson, Alexie Gilmore

World's Greatest Dad

Shot on location in Seattle, this wickedly funny dark comedy stars Robin Williams as a sad-sack poetry teacher who, after a horrifying and embarrassing freak accident, finds that his life takes a bizarre turn for the better, setting a series of events in motion that could make all his dreams come true. A lusciously perverse, and refreshingly original tale with one of Williams' most unforgettable performances.

USA | 2009 | 98 Minutes 
Director: Bobcat Goldthwait
Principal Cast: Robin Williams, Daryl Sabara, Alexie Gilmore, Tom Kenny, Geoffrey Pierson

  • Running Time: 200 minutes