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Netherlands | 2013 | 113 minutes | Alex van Warmerdam

June 13 - 15, 2014

Dark comedy shades a twisted fairy tale into psychological and class warfare as a vagrant named Borgman finds temporary refuge in an arrogant and affluent suburban home. The family faces off with their guest in this sinister social satire on the nature of evil.

A playful and sinister adult fable from Dutch writer-director Alex van Warmerdam (Abel, The Northerners, Grimm). Vagrant trickster Borgman’s arrival amidst the tree-lined avenues of an exclusive residential area sets off a series of unsettling events that penetrate the carefully constructed façade of a wealthy couple, their three children and the nanny. Borgman proves that evil comes in everyday form, embodied within ordinary, normal, polite men and women who perform their tasks with pride and pleasure, and with ruthless attention to detail. It shows that evil is enacted not just on cold winter nights, but in the optimistic summer, beneath a warm and comforting sun. And that a perpetually elusive man like Borgman can intoxicate a woman so fully with desire that she is rendered powerless.

Director Biography

Born in the Netherlands, Alex van Warmerdam writes, designs, and directs both theater plays and feature films. His first feature Abel (1986) won, among others, the Critic’s Prize at the Venice Film Festival.

  • Director: Alex van Warmerdam
  • Principal Cast: Jan Bijvoet, Hadewych Minis, Jeroen Perceval, Sara Hjort Ditlevsen, Elve Lijbaart
  • Country: Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark
  • Year: 2013
  • Running Time: 113 minutes
  • Producer: Mogens Glad, Eurydice Gysel, Koen Mortier, Tine Mosegaard, Berry van Zwieten, Marc van Warmerdam
  • Screenplay: Alex van Warmerdam
  • Cinematographers: Tom Erisman
  • Editors: Job ter Burg
  • Music: Vincent van Warmerdam
  • Website: Official Film Website
  • Awards: Official Oscar Submission 2013 (Foreign Language Film), Netherlands Film Festival 2013 (Best Film, Screenplay, Actress), Athens International Film Festival 2013 (Life Achievement), European Film Festival Palic 2013 (Best Film), Haifa International Film Festival 2013 (Best Film), Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival 2013 (Best European Fantastic Film), Lund International Fantastic Film Festival 2013 (Best International Feature Film), Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival 2013 (Best Film), Sweden Fantastic Film Festival 2013 (Grand Prize)
  • Filmography: The Last Days of Emma Blank (2009); Waiter (2006); Grimm (2003); Little Tony (1998); The Dress (1996); The Northerners (1992); Abel (1986)
  • Language: Dutch
  • Has Subtitles: Yes
  • Format: DCP
  • US Distributor: Drafthouse Films
  • International Sales: Fortissimo Films