Children of Vertigo: Vertigo

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USA | 1958 | 128 minutes | Alfred Hitchcock

April 4, 2020

Children of Vertigo

Panned upon its initial release, Vertigo has grown in critical esteem over the subsequent decades, ultimately being named the greatest film of all time in 2012 by the British Film Institute's Sight and Sound critics poll.

Hitchcock's hypnotic masterpiece goes deep into the obsessive pathology of detective Scotty Ferguson (James Stewart), who suffers from severe vertigo, as he attempts to unravel the truth about the mysterious, and possibly possessed, Madeleine Elster (Kim Novak). When a terrible tragedy plays out before him, Scotty finds himself chasing after what's lost as an obsessive drive emerges, intertwining seamlessly with the mystery at hand

"It is a dream-like film about people who are not sure who they are but who are busy reconstructing themselves and each other to fit a kind of cinema ideal of the ideal soul-mate."—Nick James, Sight and Sound

  • Director: Alfred Hitchcock
  • Principal Cast: James Stewart, Kim Novak, Midge Wood, Tom Helmore, Barbara Bel Geddes
  • Country: USA
  • Year: 1958
  • Running Time: 128 minutes
  • Screenplay: Alec Coppel, Samuel A. Taylor
  • Language: English