Cinema Italian Style: The Champion

The Champion

Italy | 2019 | 105 min. | Leonardo d’Agostini

December 10 - 17, 2020

Cinema Italian Style

When a hotheaded superstar striker for Roma gets into terrible trouble, his coach forces him to study under the tutelage of a humble history teacher in this intimate, inspirational sports drama out of Italy.

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Christian Ferro (Andrea Carpenzano, Boys Cry) is a hotheaded striker for the Roma football club. When he’s not getting into fights on the field, he’s a hard-partying, sportscar-driving, girl-chasing hurricane. But after he gets busted shoplifting, the president of his team demands he shape up or ship out. To make sure Christian gets his high-school diploma, the team hires Valerio (Stefano Accorsi, also in Cinema Italian Style 2020's Goddess of Fortune), a harried personal tutor whose career has seen better days. There will be a test every week, and if Christian doesn’t pass, he doesn’t play. And if he doesn’t play, good luck staying on contract with the team he grew up idolizing. But Valerio has skin in the game, too. As the two commiserate over shared family tragedies, perhaps their fraught relationship can turn into a proper friendship. Making his directorial debut, Leonardo D’Agostini takes a familiar story and finds new grace notes; the browbeaten tutor is not a saint, nor is the athlete an unrepentant bully. Instead, they are both flawed people searching for decency in an exploitative world.

  • Original Language Title: Il Campione
  • Director: Leonardo d’Agostini
  • Principal Cast: Stefano Accorsi, Andrea Carpenzano, Mario Sguegli, Anita Caprioli
  • Country: Italy
  • Year: 2019
  • Running Time: 105 min.
  • Producer: Matteo Rovere
  • Screenplay: Giulia Steigerwalt, Antonella Lattanzi, Leonardo D'Agostini
  • Cinematographers: Michele Paradisi
  • Editors: Gianni Vezzosi
  • Music: Stefano Ratchev, Mattia Carratello
  • Filmography: Debut Feature Film
  • Language: Italian
  • Has Subtitles: Yes

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