Let Me Introduce You to Sofia

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Italy | 2018 | 95 minutes | Guido Chiesa

November 10, 2019

Cinema Italian Style

A devoted dad smitten by his calda new girlfriend—who hates kids—tries to hide the existence of his 10-year-old daughter in this frazzled farce.


Sip some wine before the screening courtesy of Chateau Ste Michelle!

Wine sampling: 3:30 PM
Film: 4:00 PM

Gabriele (Fabio De Luigi), a recently divorced ex-rocker who now owns a music store, is a devoted father to Sofia, his 10-year-old daughter. When he reconnects with his old friend Mara (Micaela Ramazzotti), sparks fly, but on their first date, Mara reveals that she hates children. In the heat of passion, Gabriele denies that he has a child, forcing him into one hilarious charade after another as he tries to keep the two ladies apart.

  • Original Language Title: Ti presento Sofia
  • Director: Guido Chiesa
  • Principal Cast: Fabio De Luigi, Micaela Ramazzotti, Caterina Sbaraglia, Andrea Pisani, Shel Shapiro, Chiara Spoletini
  • Country: Italy
  • Year: 2018
  • Running Time: 95 minutes
  • Producer: Maurizio Totti, Alessandro Usai
  • Screenplay: Nicoletta Micheli, Giovanni Bognetti, Guido Chiesa
  • Cinematographers: Emanuele Pasquet
  • Music: Francesco Cerasi
  • Language: Italian
  • Has Subtitles: Yes