The Freedom to Marry

USA | 2016 | 86 Minutes | Eddie Rosenstein

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SIFF Film Center
One of the most surprising things about the same sex marriage movement is that, actually, it was carefully planned and orchestrated over decades. The Freedom to Marry is an intimate and epic documentary which goes behind-the-scenes to reveal the inner workings and key players of this historic civil rights struggle. This is a riveting ride alongside Evan Wolfson, the man known as architect of the movement, civil rights attorney Mary Bonauto, and their key colleagues as they wage their climactic battle before the United States Supreme Court, providing fresh perspective on the movement's history along the way. This is a primer for social change, and an inspirational tale of how people can actually make a difference.

"Surprisingly suspenseful and thoroughly moving and inspiring." - Peter Keough, Boston Globe

“The new intimate, behind-the-scenes documentary The Freedom to Marry traces the marriage equality movement’s historic progress and delves into the masterminds behind one of the greatest civil rights movements of this generation.” - Vikram Murthi, Indiewire

“The Freedom to Marry” breathes immediacy into marriage equality. The film is a definitive history of the course gay marriage took in the United States… nothing short of chilling.” - Courtney Linder, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

  • Director: Eddie Rosenstein
  • Country: USA
  • Year: 2016
  • Running Time: 86 Minutes
  • Language: English