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Kenya | 2018 | 83 minutes | Wanuri Kahiu

Opens April 26, 2019

Initially banned in Kenya for its positive portrayal of queer romance, Rafiki won a landmark supreme court case chipping away at Kenyan anti-LGBT legislation. Featuring remarkable performances by newcomers Samantha Mugatsia and Sheila Munyiva, Rafiki is a hip tale of first love "reminiscent of the early work of Spike Lee" (Screen Daily).

Kena and Ziki have long been told that "good Kenyan girls become good Kenyan wives" - but they yearn for something more. Despite the political rivalry between their families, the girls encourage each other to pursue their dreams in a conservative society. When love blossoms between them, Kena and Ziki must choose between happiness and safety. Rafiki bursts with the colorful street style and music of Nairobi's vibrant youth culture.

  • Director: Wanuri Kahiu
  • Principal Cast: Samantha Mugatsia, Sheila Munyiva, Patricia Amira, Dennis Musyoka
  • Country: Kenya
  • Year: 2018
  • Running Time: 83 minutes
  • Producer: Steven Markovitz
  • Screenplay: Wanuri Kahiu, Jenna Cato Bass
  • Cinematographers: Christopher Wessels
  • Language: English, Swahili
  • Has Subtitles: Yes