The Silence of Others

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Spain | 2018 | 96 minutes | Robert Bahar, Almudena Carracedo

Opens July 12, 2019

The repercussions of General Francisco Franco's regime are still felt in Spain today, as families of the victims and survivors of the dictatorship attempt to use the international courts to work around the Amnesty given to the former supporters of Franco's dictatorship.

In an effort to put the Franco era behind them, Spain adopted an amnesty policy in 1977 known as "the pact of forgetting," which asked both victims and perpetrators of the atrocities of the past to move on, allowing for war criminals to walk free among the very people who suffered under them. Robert Bahar and Almudena Carracedo's (Made in L.A.) brilliant new documentary The Silence of Others picks up as a group of aging victims call upon a judge outside their country to mount a legal challenge to Spain's willful erasure of the past in an attempt to bring those who have benefitted from the amnesty to justice. "An elegant reckoning with the legacy of General Franco's 40 year dictatorship." - Allan Hunter, ScreenDaily

  • Director: Robert Bahar, Almudena Carracedo
  • Principal Cast: María Martín, José María Galante, Carlos Slepoy, Ana Messuti
  • Country: Spain, USA
  • Year: 2018
  • Running Time: 96 minutes
  • Producer: Robert Bahar, Almudena Carracedo
  • Screenplay: Robert Bahar, Almudena Carracedo, Ricardo Acosta, Kim Roberts
  • Cinematographers: Almudena Carracedo
  • Language: Spanish
  • Has Subtitles: Yes